After one of the longest waits in recent memory, the theme for “American Horror Story” Season 6 has been finally revealed via the premiere that aired this evening (September 14th). The theme appears to be “My Roanoke Nightmare” and will likely deal with the mystery behind The Lost Colony of Roanoke, as teased in early images leaked by TMZ.


To those of you that figured it out prior to this evening – congrats! Maybe.



The first episode, simply titled “Chapter 1” is told in a “Paranormal Witness” type documentary style, taking quite the original spin on the horror drama genre.

Featuring interviews from a newlywed couple Shelby (Lily Rabe) and Matt (played by Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr. in the reenactments) that moves from the city to a secluded two-story farmhouse in North Carolina (circa 1792), “My Roanoke Nightmare” opens with quite the bang. The couple outbids a group of not-so-inconspicuous “Good Ol’ Boys” for the vintage property and move in; almost immediately Rabe’s character reports a “feeling of dread” and their personal horror story begins.

Dealing with everything from hailing teeth, a “Pig-man”, angry supernatural hillbillies, and full-bodied apparitions, the young couple seems to be in for quite a wild ride. However, how permanent this theme will be remains a huge mystery despite this evening’s premiere.

Theorists are abuzz with various ideas as to where this season will go; from citing back to the “accidental” TV Guide leak referring to this season as “American Horror Story: The Mist”, to the slew of various teasers and trailers we’ve gotten so far – the possibilities are legitimately endless.

As for just how endless, consider this: “The Pigman” is a cryptid that has ties to legends in Vermont, the Carolinas, the Smokey Mountains, and several other locations; the phenomena of “raining teeth” can be attributed to various interactions with malevolent entities in folklore (the Italian film THE HAUNTING OF HELENA touched on this); the Southern United States is rife with haunted plantation-style homes and – guess what – in the first episode alone, we’ve already seen throwbacks to the first and second seasons of “American Horror Story.”

Will this be the series that finally brings every macabre season of “American Horror Story” full circle and crashing into each other? Holy hell, I hope so.

Considering the variety presented to us thus far, my thoughts, as many others’, is that this season will be an “anthology” season of sorts with a through line connecting the several stories (and several seasons?). Many of the goings-on of this episode give nods to other folk tales and folklore – Roanoke aside – and if we’ve gotten to know Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk at all – they don’t do anything accidentally.

As was almost to be expected, the kickoff to “American Horror Story: 6” left us with more questions than answers, but boy oh boy, did it leave us wanting more.

What do you think this season of AHS will bring? Did you like the new format presented this episode?

Check out the new teaser!

Let us know in the comments below and we’ll continue posting updates as this season unfolds.

AHS Season 7 casting news

Hold on to your butts.” I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be a bumpy ride this season.


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