“Kyle Barnes, As I Live and Breathe;” Hangin’ with the Outcast: Episode 8 – What Lurks Within”

***This article is 100 percent spoiler free***

I was first turned on to OUTCAST one day while perusing the digital comics catalogue on my iPhone. It just so happened that week Comixology (shout out to you guys; thanks!) was having a huge sale and featured within were the first 5 issues of OUTCAST.

“What an interesting yarn; and by Kirkman, no less,” I thought to myself.

Within reading the first two issues I was hooked. I was possessed just as Kyle was and I became ravenous for more.

When Cinemax announced that they were adapting OUTCAST for television, I flipped; there was no containing my excitement. For lack of a better term: Mind = Blown. Each episode of the series has improved upon the last; everything about the show – from the lighting, to the acting, to the editing, to the soundtrack (oof – that soundtrack) creates a wonderfully immersive experience.

Reg E Cathey _ Patrick Fugit

Every episode we learn something new about the world and the characters that live within it and last night’s episode ‘What Lurks Within’ was no exception. Things got dark.

Deliciously, deliciously dark.

The episode this week focuses around Sidney – the “Great Deceiver” so to speak. We learn a lot about him, his secrets, his relationship (or lack thereof?) with Kyle’s mother. We’re given a glimpse into just how dark and twisted his world is and it’s hard not to relish in the disturbing nature of it all.

Reverend Anderson’s world is falling apart and Kyle’s – slowly but surely – is finally beginning to piece itself back together.

Or is it?

Demons are making their way, in larger and larger numbers, into town and Kyle is becoming less and less involved with their eradication. People are changing left and right and the only one who sees what’s going on is now deemed the “Town Lunatic.”

Wrenn Schmidt

We’re being set up for something, something big, and this episode – it’s become more apparent than ever that Sidney is behind all of it.

Needless to say, this season is going out with a bang and I cannot wait to see how it all plays out. With only two episodes left – we’re in for a hell of a ride (get it? Demons? Hell?) these next couple weeks and we’ll be here to tease you all the way through to the end.

What can we say, we like playing with our prey before consuming it.

OUTCAST airs Fridays on Cinemax at 10 PM ET/ 9 PM CT.

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