‘The Walking Dead’ recap

Arguably the most anticipated episode since the season 7 premier. The episode where Rick and his members lock eyes with the man, that just days ago, bashed in the skulls of two key members. And the anticipation is equally a factor in the characters themselves!


Little Pig, Little Pig. Let me in” says Negan after using Lucille to knock on the gates to Alexandria. The ever present intimidation he has is even apparent in his mere silhouette. And when Rick locks eyes with Negan, the submissiveness is front and center!

As Rick looks around at the crowd Negan brought with him, he spots Daryl. You could feel the abundance of emotion in the silent exchange. As Negan enters into Alexandria, he has Rick hold the blood covered Lucille and you could see the trigger in Ricks head and heart! And this all goes down before the damn intro.


Negan is immediate in clarifying the rules in his control. First, no-one is to look or speak to Daryl. Two, Negan and his crew choose what they take and begin to search the town. Seems Dwight’s only concern is locating Darryl bike.

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The fact that Negan kept Daryl within just inches from Rick constantly was torturous. When visiting Maggies grave, Negan even mentions it’s Daryls fault that Glenns death happened!! But without fail, Negan smiles throughout all his smartass remarks and mind games! The man defines ‘charismatic evil’!


Negan wants his guns back so they head to the armory where the inventory log doesn’t match the actual gun count. Rick rallies the town and explains he is no longer in charge and whoever has the two missing guns needs to turn them in. Rick ends up finding the guns and it is not where he wanted to find them.

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On their way out, Rick spots Michonne and he asks Negan to have a moment with her. After first saying ‘no’ he then agrees. The look Michonne gives him when she sees he is holding Lucille is gut wrenching. But the kicker is when Rick asks Negan if Daryl can stay. Negan turns to Daryl and says “Maybe Daryl can plea his own case.” DARYL SAYS NOTHING! I don’t think Daryls silence even registers for Rick .

Image by Gene Page/AMC
Image by Gene Page/AMC

Negan exits making sure Rick is aware that if he doesn’t have anything interesting upon their next return , someone is gonna die! Dwight gets Daryls bike. Even lets Daryl know he can get it back if he just says the right phrase. Again, Daryl doesn’t speak.

Negan gets Lucille back from Rick but before exiting, in true Negan fashion, he whispers to Rick “In case you haven’t caught on, I just slipped my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it.”

Image by Gene Page/AMC
Image by Gene Page/AMC

Then Rick watches Daryl in the back on the truck as the caravan pulls away.

Will we ever see the fearless leader and his strength ever again? After some discussion with others, the tide may be turning very soon!

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