False alarm for a comedic calm before the storm as MADtv’s “The Walking Dead” parody fails to find the funny.


CB here with a quick little review of what I was hoping would be a nice little break from stressing over Negan for months now.

Everyone needs a little comedy in life, so I was excited to learn that MADtv was back on the air on the CW.  I was even more excited when I started watching ‘The Walking Dead’ parody unfold before my eyes. In my opinion, the only aspect of the Negan scene in “Last Day on Earth” that this sketch comedy got correct was the suspense. Negan was shown killing a spider, a piñata, even one of his own men. To be honest, I watched and waited for a laugh that did not come.

Maybe I am too invested in TWD as a fan to laugh about what lies ahead. But you tell me.  Did I miss something funny?



The cast of The Walking Dead invade PaleyFest

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