No you didn’t imagine it:  13 13th Ave

By Jessica Dwyer

As a sort of sister series to my “Gone but not forgotten” articles, I’ve decided to do a new series called “No you didn’t imagine it.”  It will be a sort of catch all for random and strange series, videos, and movies that you may have caught a glimpse of or things you saw once and think you might have only imagined it in your mind.  This should be fun because my brain manages to hold on to information like this forever it seems…but I couldn’t tell you what I had for lunch yesterday.

I was eight years old when I caught a one-time special showing on CBS of a pilot which was filmed but never produced for a full season.  That show was “13 13th Ave” and I weep for what might have been some epic slapsticky monster greatness.

trollThe pilot was about an apartment building at number 13 13th AVE where a psychologist, Dr. Carey (Clive Revill) lived and treated a few of the more “special” residence in the building.  A divorced dad, Jack (AC Weary) and his son Willie (Wil Wheaton with bowl cut hair and being hyperactive and adorable) move in and realize the patients are in actuality monsters.

Melinda (played by Mr. Belvedere’s Ilene Graff) is a blonde witch.  Marv (possibly a nod to Marv Wolfman and played by Robert Harper) is in fact a werewolf.  Roland (Paul Kreppel) is a vampire.  And Vlastock (Ernie Sabella) is a troll.


The pilot dealt with Marv possibly having bitten someone and dealing with guilt and Jack and Willie dealing with what they’ve discovered about their neighbors.  It was fun and goofy and I would have loved to have seen this go to a full series for at least a season.  Sadly you can’t find this anywhere except for a few brief moments pieced together from what I believe was the commercial for the one time airing.

bowl cutvampwolf



Some interesting facts about “13 13th Ave”:

  • The writer, Leonard Ripps, went on to write the screenplay for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie, both the short and the feature film.
  • Clive Revill played the determined physicist who didn’t believe in spirits in the classic film Legend of Hell House
  • Werewolf Robert Harper will be recognizable to fans of Creepshow as one of the victims of the monster in The Crate
  • Troll Ernie Sabella is the voice of Pumbaa in the Lion King and, funnily enough, Charlie Brewster’s psychologist in Fright Night 2.

Here’s the only footage I’ve been able to find

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