the-walking-dead-episode-609-daryl-reedus-658 As ‘The Walking Dead’s’ mid season break is coming to an end and the Feb 14th return fast approaching fans know who’s coming. Negan and Lucille.  Many who work on the show including creator Robert Kirkman have been dropping clues that it’s going to be a blood bath as all hell breaks out.

Norman Reedus recently spoke with Empire about what fans can expect to see.

“There’s going to be a fight,” Reedus tells Empire. “I won’t tell you who, when and where, but I can promise you a fight. All of us are about to clash with that motherfucker. There’s a lot of turmoil in the second half of Season 6.”

Norman Reedus fans are fanatic and have let the entire world know via t-shirts that “If Daryl dies we riot”. Reedus has a simple explanation for that fan devotion. “He’s not trying to bullshit you,” he says, “and he’s definitely not judging you.”

We love a redneck with heart of gold.

The show returns on AMC Feb 14th.


source: Empire

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