As we celebrate the men in our lives who have shaped us to who we are today, it seems only fitting that the television series that would be considered the father of the medium ended on this day in 1964.

While not the first television show to celebrate short horror tales, The Twilight Zone is certainly the most recognizable.  It led to countless series across the artistic plane that celebrates the weird and macabre.

Created by the iconic Rod Serling, the show enjoyed a fantastic run of 156 episodes during its initial five-year residency on the air waves.  Serling created and/or wrote two-thirds of the episodes.  A man who was passionate and devoted to his craft, Serling opened up an outlet that will forever remain open thanks to the fans who keep the show relevant over five decades later.




The Twilight Zone brought some of the most talented creators in the sci-fi and horror genre together to create a powerhouse name brand that spawned a feature film, a popular radio and comic book series as well as a magazine over the last fifty-two years.  Names such as Bradbury, Beaumont, Matheson and Hamner Jr. contributed to the lore of The Twilight Zone luster.

The show still reigns supreme to this day.  While two revivals have occured, the first from 1985 to 1989 and the second from 2002 to 2003, nothing comes close to the original run.  A staple of horror stations even today, you simply won’t be able to find better writing and more atmospheric terror as you will in these classic black-and-white episodes.




In a sweet twist of horror fate, while I salute The Twilight Zone on this Father’s Day, a tip of the creepy cap must go to Anne Serling.  The daughter of Rod, Anne continues to champion her father’s work and make sure a whole new generation of fans can enter The Twilight Zone.




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