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Outcast is Outlasting Critics

CB here with a recap of where we are with a little show called Outcast. Little is the wrong word to use because this show is gaining momentum kids! Since I left you with a sampling of what greatness would come from this, it has surpassed even my high expectations.


The first episode was available for the non-subscribers to Cinemax to view for FREE on YouTube. Over 3.5 million views! That is a first for Cinemax, and I have to say marketing at its best for a series!

Robert Kirkman, as I have stated before is brilliant! Back to the recap…SO much has happened in the past 5 episodes! Viewers finally get to see why Kyle Barnes lives in isolation. We get to see glimpses of why the Reverend is so, for lack of a better term, hell bent on Kyle working with him. There is so much symbolism in this show, as well as an expanding plotline that dares you NOT to get hooked. The back and forth between the here and now is executed in such a way that the viewer is immediately sucked in and wanting more. Back to symbolism without giving away too much information…here is a list of random events in no particular order that could possibly have meaning…or none at all; you all have to WATCH to decide!

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• Kyle Barnes obviously has a power over the demonic forces; but is it a benefit or detriment? The demons want something from him – yet , they also can perish from their inhabitant leaving that human catatonic…tricky, tricky situation – especially for Kyle.

• An older gentleman is introduced, he even shakes hands with the Reverend…hmmm

• The figurines, they are a staple throughout the series this far…especially the one of the little boy fishing…what does it mean?

• Megan buying glass of any kind at the thrift store, what she does with this glass – is that the reason that the demons avoid her and her family or is it just to relieve stress?

• The old lady Mildred and her speaking of a “merge”…

• Towards the end of episode 6, Kyle walks out of the church before the Reverend, and the angle of the camera made Kyle appear to be bigger than the church doors…

• What is up with the crow sitting outside of Kyle’s house in a tree?

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CB implores all of you, if you have not as of yet, you must watch Outcast. The intrigue in this show grows with each episode. Looking for a n excuse to binge-watch? This is the show for you. Not one episode has been disappointing thus far. And I will leave you all with a quote from Outcast that will ring true for all, “demons can be as different as the souls they possess.”


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