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Break-19 kids, CB here again and do I have a show for you! I have never been so excited to write a review and encourage you all to tune in! Outcast premiered its first episode, “A Darkness Surrounds Him”, and I will tell you, creator Robert Kirkman has done it again! This man, in my opinion, is a horror genius! I am a huge TWD fan, and when I learned of this show, I was on it like fly paper…and now it is stuck to me like such! Outcast, from another of Kirkman’s comic book series, explores demonic possession. Now, I am a huge fan of on screen demonic possession, and this was the devil himself on Adderall! WOW!


The background is about a man (Patrick Fugit) that is looking for answers as to why he has been plagued by supernatural possessions throughout his life, and we find ourselves in Rome, West Virginia. Let us ponder this shall we: Rome, West Virginia…Rome, Italy? Vatican? Do you notice any symbolic gestures? In the opening scene, Joshua Austin, played by Gabriel Bateman, is staring at a bug on the wall. Within 30 seconds, I was entranced; this kid is a natural talent! Patrick Fugit, cast as Kyle Barnes, the main character, and he decides to help Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) with Joshua. So much comes to light during this process and so much is left to be found out. There are a few flashbacks and ins and outs and what have yous, but it only adds to the dramatic intensity of the episode. Zach Shirey plays a young Kyle flawlessly emulating Fugit. The entire cast delivered welcomed dark and eerie performances. Fugit, in my opinion, brings forth a haunting portrayal of his character, one that literally produces chills. Outcast as a whole leaves you wanting more, and that is so important in a series no matter the genre. I foresee this show being a major success. In my mind, I picture lesser possession oriented shows singing, “I wish that I could be like the cool kids” and Chris Hardwick developing “Talking Outcast”.

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The fact that Cinemax picked up this series leaves Kirkman and his team open to so many possibilities that mainstream television does not allow. The possibilities are endless. The effects in the first episode alone are astounding. In the end, I have to say that if you are a fan at all, at least give this a chance. I promise you will not be disappointed. You will, however, be left hungry.

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You will be hungry for more in the same way that it is 2am and some asshole ate the last fucking can ofPringles. This show is phenomenal! Writing, casting, story, SPFX, and directing; this show gets a triple S…Suspenseful, Scary, and SHIT! Did that just happen! This show is the bees knees wearing the cats pajamas folks!





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