BBC’s epic sci-fi mega-hit will be going through some major changes after its 10th series comes to an end. News broke Saturday that Steven Moffat, the second show-runner since the show made its modern day comeback would be leaving in 2017 after six years and it looks like he’s taking his Doctor with him.

Sources close to the show are saying that a fresh start is already being discussed. Moffat had great success when he took over the show from Russell T. Davies largely because he came in with a fresh Time Lord in Matt Smith. The Doctor before him was David Tennant, the man who made ‘Doctor Who’ a household name again. Not only was Matt Smith able to fill the massive shoes Tennant left behind, he continued to grow the fanbase and made bow ties cool.

The next head of the show is Chris Chibnall, the man behind ‘Broadchurch.’ It thought that he’ll have a better chance at success if he got to pick his own Doctor and nothing’s better for reinvigorating a burned-out fanbase like a fresh face. Fans of Capsldi’s Doctor shouldn’t be too down. It isn’t set in stone yet and even if he does go you’ll still have a full season and a Christmas Special before you have to say goodbye.



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