It looks like the Chanels have a soft spot. It was announced this past weekend that with the help of Ryan Murphy and the cast of “Scream Queens”, 21st Century Fox has decided to donate $100,000 dollars to Louisiana flood victim relief efforts.

Despite being home to 100,000 families in need of help and support, Louisiana is also a major production hub for the film and television industry. The production giant has pledged to donate funding to the Louisiana Association of United Way’s Flood Fund, which aims to distribute any flood relief donations to six local United Way member organizations across the region.

21st Century Fox is also doing their best to get their networks, talents, and social media entities on board to help gain additional support and contributions.
Ryan Murphy, the brain behind several of 21st Century Fox’s most lucrative properties (“Scream Queens”, “American Horror Story”, “American Crime Story”, “Glee”), worked with several of his “Scream Queens” cast members to film a short PSA asking viewers to help with their relief efforts.

Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, and others assembled to voice their support for the cause. In a statement, Ryan Murphy said:
“After shooting two series in New Orleans, I feel particularly connected to the state of Louisiana and the wonderful and talented people I’ve met there. We want everyone affected by these devastating floods to know that we see you and that help is on the way.”

It’s not really “news” to say that one of the most supportive communities around is the horror community. It’s times like these where we show it. So if you’re able – donate to the cause and help 21st Century Fox and “Scream Queens” provide aide to the thousands of families affected by the devastating floods in Louisiana.

Come on idiot hookers, let’s do some good.
Check out the PSA from Murphy and Co. below and text HELPLA to 313131 to donate.

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