A good horror franchise needs to do a few things in order to keep us coming back for more. It needs to have characters that make us care if they live or die. It needs to have an unforgettable villain, and despite all of the exposition and backstory, there need to be questions we don’t have answers to. It almost always leaves the true fate of the villain up in the air. Will the monster stay dead? Will it return to hunt down more victims?


It seems that MTV is working with that formula when it comes to the destiny of its horror series “Scream,” with no definite answer on whether the TV show will get another series, or if it is doomed to be buried like victims in each episode.

MTV dropped a hint in August when it began teasing a two-hour special on Twitter, saying “See that, #ScreamTeam? Stay tuned for October when answers to our Season 2 questions are put to rest. #MTVScream”

So this leaves us with a couple of important questions. Is the October “Spooky Special” meant to end the series by wrapping up loose ends and letting the story of Lakewood rest for good, or is this a great way of revealing an upcoming season. Either way, MTV isn’t letting us off the hook by laying things out for us.

This time last year the network had already announced a second season but has remained mute on continuing on for a third. The series has struggled with ratings, averaging 377 thousand viewers during the second season, according to tvseriesfinale.com. With the impending final season of “Teen Wolf” in sight and talk of retooling the network’s brand, it’s possible that MTV may be looking to get out of the horror TV show business to focus on other things.

For those looking for a more positive outlook on the series, there are a few morsels that have been sprinkled out indicating it’s not the end. For one, there’s the twist that happens at the end of the season finale. I won’t spoil that here, but it would be easy to assume that the implications it carries couldn’t be wrapped up in a single two-hour episode. Statements made by the show’s creators in the past have indicated that the Lakewood Murders are far from over. And this year has been known as the summer and fall of crazy marketing strategies, as evident with Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story advertising campaign.

It’s a possibility that all of this is a clever way to eventually announce the coming third series as part of the special episode. Much like with AHS, we’re left wondering what the true nature, and purpose of the upcoming “Spooky Special,” whether it will the final blow, or a sign of more things to come.

Some fans, however, are already planning ahead should “Scream” meet its final demise. Petitions have been introduced both to MTV to renew the show, and to Netflix to pick it up should it not continue. Given that streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have been known to swoop in and save canceled shows in the past, and Netflix, in particular, has started showing episodes from season two. Netflix doesn’t make a habit of sharing streaming numbers, so only they know whether or not it would prove to be beneficial for the service.

At this point the show can go in either direction, but like some of our favorite monsters, we’ll have to keep waiting to see if they rise to kill again.

The “Scream Spooky Special” will air in October on MTV.

Jason Stollery has horror films encoded into his DNA, going so far as to name his sons Michael and Fred. He can be found on Twitter @smegghed, and on his genre film blog and podcast at filmguild.net



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