CB here, getting revved up and ready for the upcoming season 7 opener of our favorite apocalypse. AMC aired a two hour special entitled The Journey So Far. We got a recap the life of the series starting from the beginning with interviews from cast and crew and the show’s creator Robert Kirkman as well. Watching this got me thinking about how far this series has come and wanted to share six of my favorite moments from season 6.

Carol Bakes Cookies

Carol has turned into a badass, and the image of her basically portraying a 50’s housewife, complete with the upbeat music in the background as she passes out cookies is nothing short of genius.


Glenn is Dead…Not Dead

This scene was talked about almost as much as “who did Negan kill” has been. It was so stressful wondering whether he was alive or not. The way they found out he was not dead was perfect, running in to save the day when Maggie was trapped on the lookout tower.


Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 7 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Wolves Attack

Carol standing at her window watching the neighbor smoking a cigarette, when suddenly the neighbor is blitz attacked with a machete. The Wolves eventually lose in Alexandria, but what about Enid? Is she really trustworthy?


Rick and Michonne / Maggie is Pregnant

Ok, so this is two moments…but they are both huge!


Ron Shoots Carl

Alexandria is overrun by walkers, so the group must revisit the escape plan from season one, yes, the meat suits. In the process of walking through the herd, Sam freaks out and is attacked, which leads to Jessie being attacked. Ron witnessing his family being eaten causes him to take aim at Rick, but Michonne stabbing him causes the gun to go off and Carl loses an eye.


Negan has the Group

Our group runs right into Negan’s group and are now basically captive…waiting to see which one loses everything. The world is all a chatter wondering and waging on who Lucille lands on. This impending doom for one of our own has literally made me sick to my stomach.
Six more days. From what I have heard from interviews and specials, you should probably watch with friends and family – people you love. Andrew Lincoln said that have a dinner and say nice things to one another before embarking on the new journey this Sunday. Think I will heed that advice.


cnvmi0nwaaewqla-jpg-largeGet ready for the return Oct 23rd.




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