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The Walking Dead

Episode Review/Recap

“Head’s Up”

By Jessica Dwyer

There are spoilers here…


“Head’s Up” was the answer to many fans questions as well as the truth of the trolling job that The Walking Dead did to the fan community.  I’m curious to see the reaction to this one.

So obviously Glenn isn’t dead and all the misinformation and no real comment given by the series creators was to cover this fact.  Glenn’s non-death is something I’ve been saying all along because it felt cheap for such a main character to go out like that.  Especially considering the epic way Glenn goes out in the comics.

The episode starts with this bit of information immediately and as many fans figured would be the case, Glenn is helped by Enid (rather reluctantly.)  The two go on the world’s most depressing road trip back to Alexandria, snagging some balloons in the process.

Within Alexandria we see the struggle between Morgan’s desire to not kill and the ideal that Rick and most of his crew have of being able to kill being a central part of life in the this new world.  Morgan sits with Michonne and Rick and talks about this and admits even he doesn’t know if he’s going to be able to stick by this rule.  It’s obvious this is going to come into play…probably sooner than later.  Morgan is going to have to make a choice.

Meanwhile Rosita is giving combat lessons to some members of Alexandria as well as Eugene who is as about as comfortable with a machete as you can imagine.  Rosita doesn’t hold back her thoughts on his weakness being something that could put everyone at risk and he walks away, eventually returning to train later on.

Does anyone else wonder how Rosita is going to react to Abraham’s newfound interest in Sasha?  I mean…they are still an item right?  Just throwing that out there…

Spencer decides to do something stupid!  SURPRISE!  The mayor’s only remaining son decides to Batman climb over the walker horde and is saved from nearly falling to a munchy end by Rick and Tara.  His plan was actually for the benefit of everyone but it would never have worked because…he’s Spencer.

While this is all happening the wall is everyone’s focus.  Getting it more support etc. because there’s a LOT of walkers surrounding them.  But no one notices the big tall tower that’s cracking and losing wooden beams right and left that was hit by a semi.  How is that possible?  How do you not think…hmmm…that big crack in the side of that thing looks mighty dangerous.

Morgan still hasn’t announced his “guest” that has been stashed in the locked room of a house.  He goes to find Denise and confides in the doctor/psychologist that he needs her help to treat the man.  Morgan’s been on Carol’s radar for a while…and her spidey sense starts tingling as she’s taking care of Judith and sees Morgan heading off with Denise and some medical supplies.

Carol goes to Jessie’s to drop off Judith so she can investigate.  While there she has a discussion with Jessie’s younger son Sam, the one who like her cookies.  And it may be another of those “this conversation is foreshadowing some bad things” moments because as she leaves she tells him that killing is what keeps people from becoming monsters.  Hmmm…Carol’s mothering instincts have taken a definite turn to the dark side of the force.  This wonderful conversation takes place while holding baby Judith too…so really nice.  Our last shot of both Morgan and Carol is her asking him “Who the hell do you have in that cell.”

Oh…I forgot to mention Sam’s brother Ron stole a gun (after being shown how to shoot by Rick) and looks ready to blow Carl away.  Those who have read the comic know Carl’s not got the best of luck with guns.

Throughout the episode we’ve seen Deanna showing positivity and a hope for the future.  As we all know this never bodes well for anyone on this show.  Deanna shares her plans for Alexandria with Michonne and Rick, making a point to Rick that he saved her son because Rick’s a good man etc. while Rick is working on the wall.

All the while that big ol leaning tower of death is just creaking and a moaning.  Of course they might not hear the creaking and moaning over all the moaning the walkers are doing.

Glenn and Enid show up and we get our first really good look at how screwed Alexandria really is from their perspective.  There are a lot of walkers.  Enid immediately decides everyone is dead and screwed (which yes…screwed is the right word) but Glenn tells her that no, the walls are still up and the people inside could still be safe.

They release the balloons that Enid has had tied to her backpack which are seen by everyone within the walls, including Maggie who starts running and grinning to Rick that IT’S GLENN!!!!

Wow! Everything is going so awesome! What could possibly…Oh.

Snap and crack and timber, the tower falls over crushing down a section of the wall in slow motion and leaving a big gaping hole for the walkers to funnel through.  And that’s how the episode ends, leaving a nice cliffhanger for the mid-season finale to tie up.

“Head’s Up” is like a visual representation of the Glenn trolling that AMC did.  The whole episode is set up to make you think that Glenn’s the one in danger as he makes his way back to the town, but in reality the town itself is in WAY more danger and Glenn’s in the best place…outside (Enid’s not wanting to go back was smart.)


It’s an interesting episode because the obvious threat of that building was missed by everyone else who was focused on the wall itself.  You never know where the true threat or true weakness is until it’s too late.  Like Carl with Ron…Carl’s so focused on being the “big man” in front of Ron that he doesn’t realize Ron’s a threat.

Carol’s comment to Jessie rings true because she’s the most observant in the episode.  She likes being up on watch because you can see everything…well except for the big cracking building with the semi sticking out of it.

Next week is the mid-season finale.   The title is “Start to Finish” and I’m curious as to just how many people are going to make it out of Alexandria alive.  But I’m pretty sure we can assume Glenn’s safe…for the time being.  Because Negan’s been cast…and we know how that goes for him.

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