Stan Against Evil
Stan Against Evil Stan Miller (Scrubs alum John C. McGinley),

Stan Against Evil

Stan Against Evil
You’re the Worst’s Janet Varney


John C. McGinley of Scrubs and countless Oliver Stone films has signed on to star in and produce the new IFC Horror-Comedy series ‘Stan Against Evil’ that will premiere in the Fall. Actress, Janet Varney is co-starring with McGinley in the eight episode first season that is set to premiere this fall. The show revolves around McGinley’s disgraced former sheriff character who is alerted by the new sheriff (Varney) that a plague of demons have begun haunting the town. The series is written by Dana Gould.



McGinley has proven time and again his acting prowess and his ability to create memorable characters and of course horror is the hot thing in the TV world currently but there is always a bubble on trends. With the immense success of The Walking Dead, Ash vs the Evil Dead, Hannibal, and countless other genre TV shows it seems that every network has at least one on their schedule. IFC always creates quality original programming but the series at first glance seems a bit close to the aforementioned Evil Dead and even to an extent a more graphic Sleepy Hollow. As with all Horror Comedies it will come down to what percentage of the genres contribute to the show and if the comedy is played intelligently or slapstick.

IFC has shown in the past that they aren’t afraid of taboo topics so we should expect something more horror tinged than Sleepy Hollow and not being one of the major networks also helps in that they won’t have to adhere to the network censors. What IFC will have to worry about come Fall is getting lost in the fray of new and returning horror centric shows that will flood the airwaves. Will five other shows about demons in a small town appear on the major networks therefore flooding the market? McGinley and his immense talent along with IFC has my early support on this venture. Here’s hoping it garners an audience when it premieres and lives up to the past work of those involved.

Stan gets picked up for Season 2



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