Stranger Things Season 2

Whose ready for Stranger Things Season 2?

Netflix’s Stranger Things Season 2 filming has wrapped and the creators are talking. The Duffer Brothers who write and direct the hit Netflix show are excited for fans to see what’s coming in season 2.

Stranger Things Season 2
The Duffer Brothers and Winona Ryder on set of STRANGER THINGS

The brothers recently sat down and talked with Variety about the upcoming season and what we can expect.

Matt and Ross Duffer addressed the pressure of matching the season 1 success.

“There was pressure going into Season 1, too,” says Ross. “We were just worried no one was going to watch it. Now the pressure is we know people are going to watch it. It’s trying to make something that we think they’re going to like. … We’ve tried in the writers’ room to go, ‘OK, what do we want to see?’ And hopefully people will respond to that as well.”

Adds Matt, “A lot of the story for Season 2 was figured before the show had come out, so we had the big beats figured out already. It was almost scarier last year.”

“Some of the stuff that fans had been asking for, we wanted the same stuff,” says Matt. Adds Ross, “But the point is not to give everyone what they think they want. Because I don’t think they really know what they want.”

They of course had to address Barb and the fact that she is dead

“There’s no resurrecting Barb,” they admit. “It was really surprising how much she took off,” Matt says. “I related to her, so I think other people did as well.

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Stranger Things Season 2

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I’m so ready for Stranger Things Season 2 to start!

source: Variety


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