SHUT UP!! Crossover brilliance took place in last Thursday night when The CW hit series SUPERNATURAL gave a solid nod to THE WALKING DEAD

Let’s just get this 6-degrees of hot men fighting evil out of the way. Jeffrey Dean Morgan previous was fighting the undead and unnatural with his “sons” on The CW sleeper hit (sarcasm) SUPERNATURAL. The actor played John Winchester of the extremely familiar Winchester clan.  His sons, Dean ( played by Jensen Ackles) and Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) had their family drama in the first two season but worked through it, we think. Sometimes lost track merely looking at them. The boys had to continue on without dear old dad (he had heads to bash-in etc.)but they seem to be doing just fine!

Which brings us to the epic beginning scenes of last Thursday’s SUPERNATURAL episode! Dean walks in and HOLDING LUCILLE


Oh, it get’s better…Dean said to Sam: Man, Dad loved this thing.


The fandemonium took off like a bat out of hell! Folks were losing their marbles and it was AWESOME!!!!Jensen just continues to hold it down for Morgan

Hey dad… or @JDMorgan … I think one got away!!!

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Wonder if we will ever see Winchester WALKERS…hhhmmm

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