I’m a big fan of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell and one of the actors that is front and center is Henry Zebrowski. Henry is also one of the hosts of the hit podcast, Last Podcast On The Left. I had the pleasure of talking to Henry about both of these amazing projects and I highly recommend you check out both ASAP.

Terror Time: Hi Henry. Going into the third Season of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell was there anything you were aiming to bring to the character this season?

Henry Zebrowski: It’s very interesting. The first season was very dry almost a  Aqua Teen Hunger Force style humor and vibe. Then we blew it up with an improv style and it really opened up in season two. There was a year between the first two seasons so there was a lot of time to sit on it.  Season two felt like a discovery period so by season three we were laser targeted and we really wanted to amaze these guys. We had conversations about where the comedy would go and where the more serious pieces would be. Season three is leaner, smarter and more effective. 

TT: So you went from being Phish to the Rolling Stones.

HZ: God I fucking hope so. It’s like Murderfist which is my sketch group. One time my sketch partner, Ed and I went to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band and we were like we need to be like the E Street Band. We need to be tight and furious. That’s always my go to. I want to be like the E Street Band. 


TT:  That’s a great group to strive to be like. So if there’s a Hell what’s your version of Hell like?

HZ: It’s pretty damn close to the show. I did an office job for years and office jobs just make you get fat and your no one and you just exist to be flesh. They write you off as a number and tax deduction. I would see that as Hell. Or just trapped in a coffin and endlessly screaming. 

TT: With no one hearing you scream at all.

HZ: Exactly no one hearing you. 

TT: This show’s brought you a lot of attention. What’s the weirdest interaction you’ve had with a fan?

HZ: Between Pretty Face and Last Podcast On The Left it’s been very interesting. The Pretty Face fans are pretty normal. What’s weird is when people have sexually fetishised not me but Gary. People will send weird Facebook messages that say “I want to fuck Gary”. Which is weird because I don’t find him to be attractive at all. With Last Podcast On The Left we have had several emails from people saying that they want to kill us and we’ve had to talk to the police about those. That’s way more intense. So people please don’t kill us. 

TT: Or a fan that walks up and says you are are their number two idol and their number one idol is Albert Fish.

HZ: Exactly. They walk up saying they want to be like Albert Fish. He had really great numbers with the boys. He always got the boys. And I just have to be like “Yeah man that’s great.” Then they hand you a beer. My girlfriend is always telling me I have to stop. People also will send homemade jerky in mason jars because we always talk on the show about how we love jerky and what they send is delicious but she’s always telling me that it’s made of people. She’ll tell me “Your literally eating victims and evidence of a crime scene.” 

TT: And probably a little bit of semen.


HZ: Ya know I imagine with all the shit going on in my life I’m sure I’ve got a little bit of semen in me. I do a lot of hotel living and that’s mostly masturbating and drinking. 

TT:  Ha ha. Well that’s a good life. It pays the bills.

HZ: Ha ha yeah sometimes. 

TT: In regards to Last Podcast On The Left. Being a long time podcaster i’m very picky on the podcasts I listen to and Last Podcast is so well put together and entertaining. When you started the show were you doing it to just have fun or did you guys have a plan to make it the force it’s become today?

HZ: No. We really just did it because we love to do it. We’ve been doing podcasts for a long ass time at least seven years. Marcus used to work in radio. Last Podcast came about because Marcus and Kissel wanted to do a podcast about horror movies and they did a show about serial killers and I forced myself on the show and told them they can’t do a show about serial killers unless I’m involved because I have to talk about serial killers. It was just too much fun. In my head what I ended up doing was looking at Last Podcast as I’m going to let my own personal interest in the paranormal, serial killers, and the occult take over my life and this show will provide the excuse to become an expert in these topics without being a recluse. My goal is to become Dan Aykroyd so hopefully I will accomplish that with keeping the comedy career going. It’s just so much fun. 

TT: That’s hilarious that you bring up Dan Aykroyd because you do give off a modern day Dan Aykroyd vibe in the work that you do.

HZ: Wow. Thank you so much for saying that. That’s a huge compliment for me. I love him. You know when people say a movie is theirs? Ghostbusters was my movie. When I watched the movie my goal was to be Ray Stantz in real life. Everyone that truly dedicates all to the paranormal and the occult eventually ends up as a man screaming underneath a highway so I wonder when that will happen to me. 


TT: Or in a cell next to Charlie Manson. Choice A or B.

HZ: Hey that’s three square meals a day and if you can get enough money in your commissary you can get a TV in your cell and you can watch all kinds of channels that are publicly available for television. 

TT: Don’t forget about free prison tattoos.

HZ: I would love to try something new and at that point I’ll be so bored I guess that’s what you do and I’d love to learn how to write a novel in my own shit on the walls of my solitary confinement room. 

TT: Exactly man. Everyone strives to be Manson or GG Allin at some point and have fans somehow for the crazy shit they do.

HZ: That’s the idea. To still get the attention that you deeply crave while doing crazy shit. 

TT: You’ve got the Halloween episode of the podcast coming out soon. Anything you can tell the readers about it?

HZ: Our big Halloween episode is about Richard Chase the Sacramento Vampire. We chose him because he is very scary. He just went nuts and killed a pregnant woman and took out the baby and they found him in the room just pouring blood all over himself. He was not well. 

TT: I can’t wait to hear that one. Would you be interested in at some point interviewing a serial killer?

HZ: Absolutely! The problem with most of them is clearly they are pieces of shit and they are very prickly and don’t have a sense of humor. We’ve had opportunities floated to us in the past  from people in the serial killer culture community but it’s very hard to get them to talk and they always want money but we refuse to pay them for the crimes they committed. I would love to talk to one. We want to talk to Berkowitz because he talks to the media a lot but he truly has a problem with the satanic slant of our podcast and he’s now a devout christian and he gets offended. 

TT:  Just have a member of the Westboro Baptist Church co-host that episode with you and he should feel right at home.

HZ: That’s it right there. Just call it Cuckoo Dick Suck Hour and just go weird religious humor for an episode. I’d love to visit a prison. I want to talk to a psych ward. People who are rehabilitated. Someone that killed their mom because they thought she was really the Kool-Aid man but now they know that their mom wasn’t the Kool-Aid man. 

TT: If you had the ability to determine where future seasons of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell were going to head directional wise what would you choose?

HZ: I would like to see a flashback to Gary in life, I’d like the show to take a turn thematically for a season where it’s like The Wire and we’re investigating  a crime or a dark drama like True Detective. We really want to do a musical episode and that’s been openly discussed. I think the concept of that episode is set in New Orleans. So I’m like fuck yes let’s go because it’s a fantastic city. 

TT: Yes. We need more twisted musicals. Henry where can people go to follow Pretty Face and Last Podcast online?

 HZ: Follow Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell on Twitter  Follow me personally on Twitter and follow Last Podcast On The Left on Twitter and @lpontheleft on all social platforms. 

TT: Thank you so much for the time and conversation today Henry. I’m looking forward to Season three tomorrow night.

HZ: Thank you Brad. 


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