To Return to Alexandria Or Fly Solo? That is the question for Tara and Heath on ‘The Walking Dead’

‘The Walking Dead’ has hit the reset button on what we as fans have come to know or at least what we thought we knew about the state of our favorite group of survivors. The world is now officially upside down as Rick and the gang now work for Negan.

One thing though, Tara and Heath have no idea what’s gone down since they have been on a long supply mission and come up empty handed. In a clip of tonight’s episode we see the two of them debate the state of the world and what they should do. Which way to go?

Check out the clip below.

Tara and Heath fight about whether or not to head back to Alexandria. Don’t miss the next episode The Walking Dead, Sunday, November 27 at 9/8c. #TheWalkingDead #TWD

Last weeks love birds.

The Walking Dead Season 7
Enid and Carl – AMC



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