On this past Sunday’s episode of Ash vs Evil Dead we were finally introduced to the character of Baal (Joel Tobeck) and from the looks of the carnage that he caused during his first appearance it looks like Ash and crew might have finally met their match.


Throughout the Evil Dead’s cinematic history Ash (Bruce Campbell) has always been bombarded by countless hell spawn conjured by the Necronomicon but he’s never faced a foe like Baal that has the powers of manipulation in addition to the outright disregard for human life. What Baal does is finally put a face on the evil that the Necronomicon has represented for all of these years.  Ruby (Lucy Lawless) has thus far represented a female version of Ash in this past Sunday’s episode though we see that Baal has her in control. I’m eagerly looking forward to the backstory of these two being revealed in a future episode. Containment played out as Evil Dead meets The Thing with Baal playing the survivors against one another mentally while he easily disposed of them one by one. What did come out of all the craziness and paranoia is that Pablo  (Ray Santiago) seems to possess a strength that Baal fears and I believe down the line will lead to a showdown between the two.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

This season has been setting the stage for battles of identity, loss, past indiscretions, and how we deal with them mentally. The character of Baal encompasses all of those with his mind games and raw savageness. When Ash and crew finally have their battle with him it’s going to be a sight to behold and one that will only bring pain and loss to Ash and crew. So welcome to the party Baal keep switching bodies and cutting thru people like Swiss cheese.

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