Arguably the coolest vampire film ever, THE LOST BOYS is held near and dear to a ton of horror fans’ hearts and now it appears that a whole new generation will have a chance to get to know these un-glittery bad asses.

Per Variety, it has been reported that Rob Thomas, the man behind VERONICA MARS and iZOMBIE, is using his ties within the CW to work out a re-imagining of the seminal film on the network.  At the moment, talk is that Thomas wants to create an anthology, with each season of the series spanning a decade – the story ultimately stretching over seventy years.  Much like the AMERICAN HORROR STORY franchise, the thought process is that the human characters, locations and overall story line will change each year, with our beloved Lost Boys as the only constant in all seven seasons.  Season One is expected to be set in San Francisco in the year 1967.

Variety shared these updates with Deadline originally reporting the CW/LOST BOYS connection.

Let’s see what happens with this one.  Keep it parked right here to Terror Time to sink your teeth into all of the breaking news on this upcoming series!



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