The Walking Dead makes us all thankful that we are alive and NOT eating eachother

There are countless things to be thankful for within the confines of TWD.  To most, it may seem difficult to define such moments in the colossal apocalypse our family resides in now.  Humanity at odds, walkers at every turn, and the survivors becoming vultures themselves while resisting the urge to become worse than the monsters they face.  It seems hopeless the majority of the time.  Terror Time is here to navigate you through the journey of recognition to one of the longest running horror series of our time.  We are here to remind you of the caveats in this storyline that reel us in and keep us coming back.  We are truly grateful for the enormity in which TWD has upheld our genre in television today.  Join us on this pilgrimage, that pays homage to each season, and give thanks to many brilliant cinematic instances.  Let’s begin, shall we?


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Season One:

  • Shane defends Carol against her hillbilly husband after he slaps her and says, “I’ll beat ‘ya to death Ed.” One of the best scenes ever!
  • The abusive Ed is consequentially eaten by walkers
  • Glenn saves Rick from the tank, and later Rick found Lori and Carl, helicopter boy found his family!

Season Two:

  • Glenn meets Maggie
  • Carol gets closure with Sophia
  • Rick stood up to Shane, and consequently shanks him
  • Dale’s death put a realization into Carl and at the same time brought Andrea back to caring about humanity again

Season Three:

  • They found and cleared the prison, and in the process Rick kept the group from eating dog food…wish he could do that for Daryl now
  • We met Michonne and Judith…would not want a world without either.

Season Four:

  • Beth gets to drink moonshine with Daryl and, that’s all we need to say about that
  • We get to meet Eugene and Abraham
  • Thanks to meeting Abraham, we get to hear the best “one liners” of all time!

Season Five:

  • Carol rescues the group from the train car and saves the day!
  • The group moves on to Alexandria…a home so longed for.

Season Six:

  • Morgan is back! Docile as hell, but he is back!
  • This was the most impressive herd of walkers since the shows start and a welcome reinforcement to our genre in quite some time. Things were getting a bit to personal.


Things are different now, no doubt.  Keep on keeping on.  Have faith for those that have been here from the beginning.  Not all of them will meet Glenn’s end.  Where the show is now is a giant game of chess.  It only takes one pawn to navigate across the landscape, and then it becomes the most powerful piece on the board.


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