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“Here’s Not Here”


By Jessica Dwyer


This season of The Walking Dead seems determined to hop back and forth in time. The latest episode is no different in that regard. But what is different about “Here’s Not Here” (which could be the tagline for the season so far) is that it focuses on two characters…and that’s really it.

Lennie James as Morgan has become a fan favorite and his mysterious return with seemingly super Jedi zombie fighting powers had everyone excited and intrigued. What this episode does is explain how Morgan became not only filled with a sort of inner peace but the ability to kill walkers with a stick and a twirl.

What sets this episode apart from the fact that it is basically two actors who are the focus is that it is an extended episode as well. And for something like this you need two truly exceptional actors to make it work. And you most certainly have that in Lennie James and John Carroll Lynch who stars as Eastman, the man who saves Morgan not only physically but mentally. He’s the “cheesemaker” that Morgan mentions when asked how he learned to fight as he does.

walking-dead-season-6-episode-4-heres-not-here“Here’s Not Here” isn’t your typical Walking Dead episode as I said. And that’s a good thing. The episode is about redemption and while there are walkers throughout…it’s really the tour de force performances by James and Lynch which makes this something great to watch. The only other episode to affect me as much as this one would be “The Grove” and that makes sense as it was written by showrunner Scott Gimple as that one was.

Time is being toyed with this season as I said and this episodes placement is no accident in the grand scheme of what Gimple is doing with the characters and where we are in the story. Its obvious Morgan was with Eastman a while and it is important for us to see the journey he takes from the broken, paranoid man Rick leaves to the Zen warrior we now see. I also really enjoyed the effect used to show Morgan’s broken point of view while he was still PTSD. I’m not going to lie…I cried quite a bit during this episode (and not only because of Tabitha…SAVE THE GOD DAMN GOAT MORGAN was screamed at least once.) I’ve missed this type of writing this season.

At the end of the episode we see who Morgan has been telling his story to is a member of the wolves that he’s captured and who appears to either be bitten…or injured from some sort of weapon. His words to Morgan are ominous and familiar to both us and Morgan. And when Morgan leaves, locking the door to this killer’s cell…we’re left to wonder if he plans on helping him change as he did…or is he leaving him to starve as Eastman let the man who killed his wife and children. It’s a perfect ending to an episode that packs a powerful punch.

In closing, “Here’s not Here” is my favorite episode this season and I’m sure it will be many others as well. Well done Scott Gimple. Lennie James deserves an Emmy nomination for his performance. And I’m also sure we’ll be seeing some Tabitha memes showing up soon.

Next week I believe the time shifts will be over as the episode is titled “Now.” So…here’s to finding out what happens with that giant horde of Walkers…and maybe what happened to Glenn.

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