The Walking Dead
“Start To Finish”

Well, that happened.
The Walking Dead mid-season finale promised a lot bloodshed and carnage and some major fallout with what happened with the tower destroying a huge chunk of wall.
What we got were people trapped in various houses and Rick resorting to a trick we’ve seen a couple of times on the show and were reminded that Sam’s a whiney little shit…as is his brother.
The episode opens with Sam actually and a major metaphor of ants marching in unison to devour (I think it was a cookie) that Sam has left on the floor of his room. The episode returns to the fall out of the wall collapse and people running into houses for safety. Deanna is hurt in the onslaught and is carried by Rick and Michonne to Jessie’s house along with Carl and Ron.
Jessie’s kids are the worst…but we’ll get to that.
Morgan and Carol are finally having their showdown because they find themselves trapped with Denise and the Wolf that Morgan is trying to teach a lesson. Carol’s obviously bidding her time. She knows how to play the game and she catches Morgan off guard and steals the keys to the cell where Wolf Boy is.
Denise has gotten over her creep factor with the prisoner and is actually trying to help him out and treat him. Carol bursts in followed by Morgan who apparently can take a hit like a champ. Morgan PROTECTS the Wolf (everyone is screaming in their homes that Morgan is an idiot at this point…but none so loudly as Carol.) Carol tells it like it is (Morgan doesn’t know Carol’s history) she’ll kill him to kill the Wolf because she protects her gang (and her boo named Daryl.)
It’s a nice gritty fight between these two. Carol, who has a head injury, gives as good as she gets. But Morgan prevails…for like two seconds before Wolf Boy conks him on the head too.

Casa Jessie is not a happy place. Deanna not only has major leg injuries she’s been bitten. She knows what that means as does everyone else. But she’s not giving up without a fight. She’s going out in her own time and dispensing Yoda like wisdom to Michonne and Rick about leadership and finding out what they want.

My favorite scene during this is when Rick thinks Deanna is trying to eat Judith and she’s just visiting her crib for one last time.

Rick nearly takes her out with an axe.

walking-dead-start-to-finishRemember when I said Jessie’s kids are the worst? Carl and Ron still haven’t worked out their differences. Ron blames Carl and Rick for EVERYTHING (he seems to have forgotten his dad beat the crap out of his mom and most likely both he AND his brother.) So while trapped in a house surrounded by walkers he decides to shoot Carl. Carl isn’t a little snot anymore and they tangle. This of course gets the zombies riled and leads them to the house where they start breaking in. Lots and lots of walkers break in.

Carl and Ron cover up what happened and Carl gives it to Ron straight. His dad was an asshole (really he was a dick, a porch dick. Porch dick will never die.) It seems that Ron and Carl have buried the hatchet…which was what Rick tried to bury in Deanna.
Back at what I’ll now call the “Wolf Den” Denise is trying to reason with Wolf Boy. Wolf Boy is being his weird grinning self but lo and behold he doesn’t kill the unconscious Morgan or Carol. Of course Eugene, Rosita, and Tara break in just in time but by this point Wolf Boy has a knife to Denise’s throat and gets them to hand over their weapons. After being told he won’t make it out there, Wolf Boy takes Denise as a hostage and leaves. In closing…good job Morgan; you probably got the only person with decent medical training killed.

Back at Casa Jessie (the episode jumped back and forth just as jarringly)

Eventually the walkers are too much and everyone heads up stairs. The mightiest of couches blocks the stairway and all the walkers trying to get to the gang. Michonne delivers the bad news to Deanna…they’re leaving and of course she can’t go. Rick uses the ol “wearing the guts” trick to camouflage themselves against the walkers, poor little Judith too.
This doesn’t set well with Sam who has officially hit first and second season Carl levels of annoying. Jessie keeps telling him to “pretend to be brave” which…Isn’t the choice I’d go with in parenting during the apocalypse. Rick and the gang get coated with guts (including Father Gabriel who Rick is obviously not a fan of.)

The-Walkig-Dead-608-Maggie-Greene-ladderMichonne tells Deanna goodbye and Deanna tells her she’s going to go out on her own when she’s ready. As the gang leaves, Deanna (who has a revolver with six shots) opens the door to her bedroom and instead of using the gun on herself uses her bullets on the walkers coming in…then does a silent scream of rage. That was an odd choice.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Glenn and Enid have been watching outside the walls this whole time. As I said, they were the safest people around. Glenn lets out that he knows Maggie’s preggers. But I don’t know that anyone else knows…especially now that she’s trapped up on a tower which Glenn also gets to see.

The episode ends with Rick and Michonne leading everyone out into the mass of walkers while covered in walker guts. And that whole “Jessie’s kids are the worst” thing comes back into play as the annoying Sam decides to start saying “Mom” over and over again while the walkers are growling. Now… how long will the walkers not notice that? Most likely pretty quickly as after the 6th or 7th “MOM” I’d want to kill him.

The mid-season finale has already splintered fans on if it was a good episode or not. Personally I found it mediocre. It’s hard to live up to episodes like the Governors attack on the prison. But I found this one pretty boring. The best line in the episode belonged to Carl who, along with Carol, were the two most interesting characters in the show. I’m sure the Valentine’s Day premiere will make up for this and I’m sure there will be bloody hearts all around.

I will also say the other thing that brought this mid-season finale down were the sheer number of commercial breaks and the almost desperate way AMC is trying to get people to watch “Into The Badlands.” “Into the Badlands” is actually a great show. It really is. But trust me when I say forcing it down the throats of “The Walking Dead” viewers will not help you get people stay watching, especially when you are airing the commercials so often it feels like the commercial breaks total longer than the show itself.

But just to keep people watching AMC had the “post credit sequence” air WITHIN “Into The Badlands” first commercial break (!!!!!) So that whole “post credit sequence” was a little bit of fib. But that sequence, in the two minutes of time it had, made all the fans of “The Walking Dead” freak the hell out as we finally hear the word “Negan” spoke. Yep, it appears that Sasha, Abraham, and Daryl have met The Saviors, Negan’s crew.

And that my friends means things are about to get REALLY interesting.

Here’s the post credit sequence just so you don’t have to search around for it

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