The Walking Dead – “Thank You”

Episode Review

By Jessica Dwyer


Wow. Well….that happened.
TWD’s 3rd episode of the season shows us what went down while the events in Alexandria were occurring. The “what happened with the herd” and “where the hell is team Rick?” questions are answered.
AMC_TWD_S6A_SP_603-800x450“Thank You” continues the theme of focusing on one group of characters (or character singular) while something is happening we’ve already witnessed. This really came into play during the “Sanctuary” storyline with Carol doing her Rambo impression.
This season so far has been nothing but that story telling tool and with this 3rd episode it is starting to grow a bit annoying. This episode was actually more than a little annoying to me due to just how…fragmented it felt. And I’m sure that’s due to what was going on with Team Rick who found themselves fragmented. But it was also due to the whole scenario that got them here which I still find stupid. JUST FIREBOMB THE WHOLE QUARRY RICK! JESUS THERE’S NOTHING BUT ROCKS DOWN THERE!!!

But no we went with the Rick Grimes Rodeo of Death method of moving the herd of walkers. And now we’ve gotten quite a number of people dead because of it and left Alexandria to the wolves (who granted got their asses spanked by Carol Rambo.)
We now find Rick and his team whittled down to even more snack size groups. Daryl and the Car crew were still rolling down the road at 5 scale miles an hour when Daryl decided to heck with it and went off to…well…I’m not sure where he was going because he just came back to the car. I suppose his goal was to get back to Alexandria but he didn’t really do anything.
Rick and the foot soldiers including Michonne, Glenn, and Nicholas the coward go running off back to Alexandria too, with a good chunk of zombies after them. Rick decides to split off and go get the RV, leaving Glenn and the rest to head back on foot. These are all foolish decisions and I’m still thinking Rick is being stupid. As the episode plays out Rick isn’t the only one who’s making poor choices.

the-walking-dead-episode-603-glenn-yeun-935Michonne and their group wind up in the small strip mall of a town that Nicholas and his buddy who died screwed over their run crew in. One the way there they are abandoned by one Alexandria idiot who winds up accidentally shooting one of the good guys in the leg. Another member is bitten and decides to help get back home anyway. The other Alexandria crew member trips and busts up her ankle…because of course. This leaves Heath as the only member from Alexandria not banged up and Nicholas. The odds are not in your favor nor are the feelings very friendly between Heath and Michonne as Heath overhears Rick basically telling her that if she needs to leave behind the peeps from Alexandria, do it.
As the episode progresses we see Nicholas having to face the ramifications of his actions from before. Finding and having to kill the now walker 19 year old he left to die. Nicholas isn’t in a good headspace and Glenn has to keep reeling him in. The injured crew finds shelter in a pet store after finding the deserter being munched on by a group of walkers. The herd is getting closer and time is running out. So Glenn comes up with a plan to set fire to a building to draw the walkers away. Boy…that sounds smart. Then he allows Nicholas to come with him on the mission. That’s smart too…

As you can imagine things do not go well for most of the group. Ankle Girl goes down fast, with the one who was bit slowly being shoved into a fence and eaten completely by a giant horde while Michonne, Heath, and the poor guy who was shot in the leg watching and being sprayed with his blood. In a move that may or may not have been done to silence the pesky “don’t be an African American on The Walking Dead” headlines, all three black characters make it out alive this episode.
Meanwhile…there is Glenn.

Glenn and Nicholas are in a very bad situation but we’ve seen Glenn in stupidly horrible situations before. But this time he’s surrounded by a massive horde of Walkers on all sides trapped on top of a dumpster. He and Nicholas are kicking away at the grabbing hands of hundreds of walkers. The scene is dizzying and terrifying because we see it through Nicholas’s eyes as everything finally just hits him. The horror of what’s happening and the fear of it come home.
But Glenn as always is Glenn. And he grabs him by the shoulders and tells him to “Look at me.” He still has faith they can somehow pull through this and Glenn is just the type who can’t give up. Nicholas comes back to himself and sees and hears Glenn at last. “Thank you.” He says before putting his gun to his head and pulling the trigger. As Glenn just couldn’t let go of Nicholas he falls with him into the horde of walkers.
As we watch we see Glenn seemingly be pulled apart while crying and screaming as the horde descends and the camera pull back. This scene is going to be the scene that will break many a Walking Dead fan. Firstly if this is in fact the way Glenn dies it is such an odd choice for a character that’s been so wonderfully heroic. It almost feels like a cheat to viewers because it’s just such a random way to go. Not only because of the character’s popularity but because it’s completely NOT what happens to him in the comics.

Fans were waiting Negan to show up and have “that scene” happen. But with the way Glenn just wouldn’t give up on Nicholas after the crap he did…maybe this is a statement to go along with the way Herschel died. People suck and the people who keep thinking things will are going to be hamburger because they just don’t listen.
Now here’s the thing though…as I said Nicholas went down with Glenn. So this could be a trick. The body bits we saw being pulled apart could belong to Nicholas’s body and not Glenn’s and Glenn could pull another miracle out of the air. I guess we won’t know until next week if that’s the case. But stranger things have happened and well…remember Andrea?
Even with what went down with Rick and the RV, random people attacking him with baby food in their pockets and Rick shooting them all to death and a MASSIVE GROUP OF WALKERS COMING FOR HIM…everyone is going to be talking about Glenn. Maybe the episode title was a giveaway as a goodbye to a great actor and character.
So is this the end for Glenn? If you go on IMDB Steven Yuen is credited for the rest of the season as being a part of it. But that could just be a smoke screen. If this is in fact the end for one of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters, after a long string of close calls and great scenes, then I’m disappointed. I wanted something heroic for Glenn but perhaps that’s the point too. No one in this show is safe and the world of walkers is always hazardous. Even if you have a wife waiting back home and are a good guy…you still can be lunch.


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