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‘The Walking Dead’ Drops The Axe On The Saviors

** Season 8 Episode 4 SPOILER Alert **

The Walking Dead last night delivered another blow to the survivors. As the battle is spreading out to cover all of Negan’s compounds Rick and the groups supplies and strength in numbers is getting spread thin. Ammo is running low and time is running out. Clear there is a rat in our midst as Negan seems to be one step ahead. As King Ezekiel and his followers move to take over a gun stash they are met with a blaze of gunfire that takes many of the King’s followers lives. We can only assume Negan was tipped off but by whom?

Carol took over last night as she went looking for weapons by turning on the Rambo switch and slaying fools down who tried to stop her while Rick and Daryl were back in ass kicking mode hunting for Negan’s big guns

Ezekiel and Shiva get separated during the heat of the battle and as the walkers close in on a cornered King Jerry and his battle Axe come to the rescue.

The biggest moment last came when King Ezekiel was corned by Walkers with nowhere to go that Shiva finds her master and saves his life only to loose hers. We knew it was coming. It’s a huge moment in the comic book but still a bummer for fans who liked the beast on the series.

Shiva arrives just in time as King Ezekiel attempts to take out an army of walkers.

This felt like the first Negan-less episode that I can remember and he wasn’t missed.

Below is a tease for next week’s episode.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday, November 19 at 9/8c.

Negan and Father Gabriel remain trapped together in a trailer surrounded by walkers. Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead.

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