The Russo Brothers, The powerful duo behind the last two Captain America movies are taking on the cult classic ‘The Warriors’, Walter Hill’s 1979 classic.

The Warriors Furies

Deadline reports Their take will honor the original film while adding its own unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence. The Russo brothers will team with writer Frank Baldwin on the series. There is no director attached yet.

The film was set in 1979, at a time when parts of New York still resembled war-torn Mogadishu, torn apart by rivalry between deadly gangs. A charismatic leader summons these street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, one of the gangs, The Warriors, are falsely blamed for his death and must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them. Hill’s film remains a classic of its genre. Who, for example, can forget the psychotic character’s Luther call for the Warriors to “Come out and play.” The cast included Michael Beck and James Remar.

Without question one of the coolest films of it’s time from Director Walter Hill. Endless kids dressed up as the characters every Halloween for a decade after the release. It’ll be awesome to see this story get updated.


Warriors ride the subway home one last time in 2017


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