CB here, and I have to make a small confession … Mr. Chris Hardwick – newly betrothed legally – is STILL this gal’s nerd crush. So when approached to write about the validity of, and need for, an after-show such as “The Talking Dead” … I was on it like a kid in a ball pit!

I find this show immensely relevant in a way that shows like “The Bachelor” misunderstand. There is no figuring out why A kissed B and C in one night, and then kissed D, E and F the next day; that is stupidity at its’ core. That drama is all about the money and headlines. “The Talking Dead” actually takes time to heal the broken hearted. Yes, I said “The Talking Dead” heals; Hardwick should have a Ph.D/Psy.D/Psychologist following his name.


There have been countless times that this show has helped fans work through very traumatic experiences. “The Talking Dead” is like AA for die-hard fans. The fact that it is on directly following an episode of TWD is proof positive! Hershel is beheaded…Chris is right behind paying tribute; and all of a sudden we have been to the funeral and paid respect to this character. This show is genius! For fans that LIVE for TWD, TTD is a therapy session afterward. It is a necessity. It does not matter if a major or minor player is cut from the roster; it is a game changer and Hardwick helps us come to terms with it.

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How many of you go to work on Monday’s, running to that one person you have a common interest in … TWD? It is water cooler gossip; people cannot wait to talk about and predict what is going on and about to happen in TWD. This is a perfect example as to why TTD is so relevant today. If you work in an environment where you cannot analyze a show worth analyzing … you have TTD! There are so many after shows wanting the notoriety that TTD has but they pale in comparison. They fail because they do not have the heart of Hardwick. He is a fan first and a host second. That is why he is the calm after the storm.

“The Talking Dead” is like a cold cloth to a fever; a warm compress to a blown knee; a mama’s kiss to heal a boo-boo.  We need Hardwick in our lives as TWD fans. He makes everything okay in the end. He makes us laugh through tears, cry through laughter; he allows us to just be, if need be.  “The Talking Dead” is there for those that cannot be there with a DVR or live broadcast. TTD recaps everything for everyone. A true fan is gonna reschedule their shift or find a way, come Hell or high water, to view TWD … and watch TTD.

That is how CB rolls: Watch TWD twice and then watch TTD. Every Sunday you can look forward to your girl recapping both shows beginning October 23rd … not too far off. Look, CB is just as nervous as you for the premiere – and we don’t know who is going to meet the fate of Lucille; but I will be here to console you. TTD will be there to console you. Chris Hardwick will be there to console you.

We are in this together kids, and I’m not saying that it is going to be easy, but what in life worth living is? We got this; we can do this. Take some breaths, and I know; easier said than done … but we will prevail. Without one of our own, it will make us stronger, smarter and more determined than ever! (At least this is what I tell myself).

God bless the cast, crew, and Chris Hardwick…cannot wait for season 7!!!

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