Image: Freeform/Disney TV

If you’re into alternate-timeline stories with a fantasy edge, Freeform’s new series Motherland: Fort Salem could be your cup of witches’ brew.

Created by Eliot Laurence (Claws), this “witch-positive” show is set in present-day America, but along a parallel timeline wherein the persecution of witches ended 300 years ago after the witches of Salem brokered a deal with the U.S. Government to fight for their country — using the power of genuine magic.

The series follows three young women from basic training in “combat magic” and into a terrifying and thrilling early deployment. In this alternate world, the traditional roles of gender and power are flipped, with supernaturally-skilled women taking the front lines in wartime. These elite troops must confront many of the same battlefield threats we see in the headlines… but with an arsenal of supernatural tactics and weapons at their disposal.

With the first episode helmed by Riverdale‘s Steven A. Adelson, Motherland promises a lot of Grrrl Power in the vein of G.I. Jane, enhanced with displays of extrasensory super-heroic feats and high-stakes drama.

Check out the female-driven cast in the trailer:

The ten-episode, one-hour drama is written and created by Eliot Laurence and produced by Freeform Studios, Gary Sanchez Productions (the team behind Oscar nominee Vice), and Succession Co-Executive Producer Adam McKay and his new multi-platform company Hyperobject Industries. Eliot Laurence, Will Ferrell, Kevin Messick, Maria Maggenti and Steven Adelson also serve as Executive Producers.

Motherland: Fort Salem premieres tonight, March 18 at 9:00 pm EDT/PDT.

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