TWD Season 7 Premiere
“The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

Starting with a disclosure, if you do not want to know what happened on our beloved show last evening, do not forge ahead in this recap and review.

AMC: The Walking Dead (Google Images)

What a heart wrenching start to the new season, a start that I am sure has left the majority of fans feeling emotionally violated. Jenner was right back in season 1 with his reply to Rick being grateful, “The day will come when you won’t be.” I’m not sure anyone is grateful for the presence of Negan at this point.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is sadistically charming, which evokes mixed feelings with viewers. This episode allowed the audience to witness just how serious Negan is regarding his being in charge. This episode focused on Negan breaking Rick. Plain and simple. The brutality of this episode also serves to make the viewers understand that we really are just getting started, in a sense, life before and after Negan.

AMC : The Walking Dead
AMC : The Walking Dead (Google Images)

Negan says that he is a man of his word, and that he is. Not only did Lucille land on Abraham, she pureed his skull. But thankfully we got one more great line ”Suck my nuts.” Abraham went out stoically and still protecting the group. No more great quotes – mother dick, porch dick, son of a dick. As if that was not horrifying enough, Negan continues to taunt Rick and the rest of the group.


Rick tries to hold it together, but Daryl could not – so he punched Negan in the face. Daryl is immediately tackled to the ground where Dwight aims at him with his cross bow. Negan instructs him not to kill Daryl. Instead, Negan walks over and Lucille lands very quickly onto Glenn’s head. Yes, Glenn. Rick’s right hand man since the beginning. Glenn too has last words, for Maggie – “I’ll find you”. I like to think this was Glenn’s way of letting her know he will always be with her and look over her and the baby no matter where he is. This death was incredibly merciless and heartbreaking to watch.


Negan then drags Rick into the camper and drives off with him. Negan basically plays games with Rick, tries to get in his head, making him his bitch for lack of a better word. Rick breaks when Negan forces him to cut off Carl’s arm. When Carl looked at his dad and said, “just do it”, that was what broke Rick.

Rick now understands that this is Negan’s world, he is lucky that he gets to live in it. Thankfully Negan stops Rick and Carl is still intact, minus his eye of course. This season is going to be a new beginning for our family of walker slayers. Rick and the group have to head back to Alexandria and have Negan’s first round of supplies ready in a week. Daryl is still held hostage.

My prediction is that the ramifications of tonight’s events will plague the group for the rest of the season, if not longer. Daryl is going to feel guilt for the rest of his time on earth. Maggie feels like it was her fault that everyone was put in that position in the first place. Rick, well, let’s hope he can hold it together and not go back to the crazy place. I hope everyone is recovering as best as they can, this was a rough one without a doubt. Until next week my fellow fans.

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