It looks like everyone’s favorite no jaw-havin’ psycho clown is getting ready for a big old serving of pasta! Well, sort of, and be thankful for that as the image of a jawless clown eating spaghetti might be somewhat …. unsettling…. American Horror Story’s John Carroll Lynch has just signed on to appear in the second season of Syfy channel’s ‘Channel Zero’, an anthology series based off of some of the more down right terrifying entries from Creepy Pasta. Lynch who has built a steady career in Hollywood as a familiar face in TV and movies is experiencing a career resurgence of sorts in the horror genre thanks to his nightmare worthy performance in  American Horror Story’s Freak Show as Twisty the Clown.

Season 2 of Channel Zero will be taking inspiration from Brian Russell’s NoEnd House, a fan favorite on the Creepy Pasta website. reports “Channel Zero: The No-End House will tell the story of Margot Sleator (Series regular Amy Forsyth), a young woman who visits the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When she returns home, Margot realizes everything has changed. Lynch plays John Sleator, Margot’s (Forsyth) father, whose whole world is his family, but below the surface he is a troubled and complicated man. Jeff Ward also stars.”

Before he donned the macabre mouthpiece of Twisty, Lynch gained notice as loyal husband Norm Gunderson in the Coen brother’s modern masterpiece ‘Fargo.’  He would then become a somewhat familiar face on TV as  Steve Carey, the cross dressing brother of lead Drew Carey on ‘The Drew Carey Show.’  Although AHS: Freak Show wasn’t Lynch’s first foray into the horror genre (remember Halle Berry’s ‘Gothika’? A pre-Iron Man Robert Downey Jr probably tries not to) it would prove to be his most memorable role on TV thus far.  Using his larger build and a thousand mile stare, Lynch would transform from lovable TV giant into misunderstood manic monster while barely uttering a single word. Twisty would become a quasi horror icon over night, and even now almost two years after the end of AHS Freak Show his presence is all over your local costume shop for the 2016 Halloween season. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see as many kids as eager to be one of the other American Horror Story big bad’s (I’m looking at you Bloody Face, you third rate Leatherface knockoff) as Jupiter, Florida’s favorite party clown Twisty. Lynch’s work on the fourth season of American Horror Story was by and large the best part of AHS’ Freak Show and it would be hard to counter the argument the season suffered when the ghoulish Twisty was written off only a quarter of the way through. Maybe because of this,  American Horror Story’s creator Ryan Murphy was trying to make things right with his viewers when he cast Lynch to come back to the fold in AHS’ fifth season, Hotel, as real life clown / sadistic serial killer John Wayne Gacy. One can only hope Lynch doesn’t get type casted as deranged clowns for the rest of  his career, but let’s face it, the man does them so damn well!

Source: Deadline


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