The Walking Dead Review


By Jessica Dwyer



The latest episode of The Walking Dead  starts with a flashback…which may be confusing as the entire first episode of the season was a mixture of current and flashbacks.  This flashback is then followed by a sort of current events in Alexandria.  Confused yet?   It takes a moment for you to realize exactly what and when things are occurring…but when they do JSS takes off and doesn’t let up.

The flashback I speak of follows Enid (Carl’s would be girlfriend) and her journey to Alexandria.  It’s not a happy journey.   During her travel she keeps writing the same three letters, J S S.   As we watch Enid takes on the ideals of Carol as she nearly walks away from Alexandria after surviving on her own.  She seems to know that such a place isn’t as safe as it gives the impression of being.  It’s a lamb for the wolves, waiting for slaughter.  But in the end, Enid goes ahead and walks through the gate.

The rest of the episode is a “what happened back at Alexandria” semi  flashback as to what was happening there while Rick, Daryl, and Michonne were trying to corral a massive bunch of walkers.

walkingdead-500x300_cThings get bloody fast as we discover the reason for the siren which was a dinner bell for the massive horde of walkers that Rick and his team were trying to lead away.  It was in fact a semi that slammed into the wall (obviously weakening it) and the driver managed to land on the horn switch.  The Wolves raided the hen house and we’re shown their viciousness as they take out quite a number of Alexandria’s residence.

Someone in Alexandria has been spying for the Wolves as Aaron discovers after searching through one of the attackers bags and finding photos from INSIDE Alexandria.   The realization of a spy in their midst is a scary one and it shows on Aaron’s face.

During the course of the episode (which actually appears to be in real time…which is scary when you realize how quickly things can go to hell) Carol turns bad ass again.  But this time things hit her hard and we see for the first time a crack in her armor.  The residence of Alexandria actually have gotten to her (we also see another tie to the X-Files universe via another pack of Morley’s.)

Carol and Morgan have some more scenes together which is always nice and this time he sees her full on Carol mode.  He tries to convince her that she doesn’t have to kill their attackers…but Carol knows that attitude isn’t going to fly here.   She takes out all of them without hesitation that she crosses paths…and in the end Morgan has to do the same.

We meet a few more of the residence of Alexandria including Doctor Denise Cloyd who is now the only doctor left in town.  You can’t help but feel bad for her as she’s pressured into something she knows she’s not yet ready for.  I’m hopeful she and Eugene have a few more scenes together as that might be fun.

Carl gets to be a little ass kicker himself this time around, defending his sister and his house from attack.  He also has an interesting scene with Enid who he asks not to say goodbye.  Enid seemed to already know Alexandria was at risk (hmmm…how so?) and was getting ready to leave when the attack started.  When she does go, she doesn’t say goodbye but leaves the message Just Survive Somehow…the answer to what her three letters meant.

By the end of the episode the folks who stayed behind in Alexandria manage to run off The Wolves (barely) but are left with the possible horror of a massive walker horde hitting them in moments with a damaged wall while dealing with the corpses left from the attack.  There’s also the fact that their leader, Deanna, seems to have come to the realization that she’s not ready for the violence coming their way.  Where will that lead?

JSS was a great episode that focused on some of my favorite characters…namely Carol.  Melissa McBride keeps bringing it every episode.  Also it was great to see Lennie James showing Morgan’s fighting skills.  In the middle of all the bloody fights and battles we got to see some characters grow…which is what makes this show so awesome.  Director Jennifer Lynch makes a fine return to the series with this entry after directing the soul crushing episode “Spend” last season.

This also was an interesting episode because for once there were no actual deaths by walker that I noticed…this was all human killing human…which makes it way more frightening and makes the stakes always higher on this show.  So far season six of The Walking Dead has been brutal and nasty…living (or should I say dying) up to the hype we were warned of.  Let’s see if they can keep this up.

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