Walking Dead Rick Grimes S7

‘The Walking Dead’ is back and so is Rick Grimes

Last night we saw the return of ‘Walking Dead’ from it’s mid-season hiatus in the episode titled ‘Rock in the Road’. Rick Grimes and his group of survivors have had a rough first half of season 7. Lives were lost and the group was beaten down but after last night’s return the group has had enough of Negan’s torture and are ready to take a stand against Negan and the Saviors. Daryl excaped and Rosita needs revenge,Β  They can’t do it alone though. Negan’s group is big and Rick will need the help of many if they want to take Negan down.

That’s where the episode left off. Trying to convince other groups like Hill Top and The Kingdom to join forces with them. At the end of the episode we saw a new camp and group of people surrounding Rick and the others. They didn’t exactly look friendly either but Rick cracked a huge smile at the end of the episode. I think he’s see’s a way to take Negan down and he likes it.

Take a look at the new teasers below to get ready for next week on ‘The Walking Dead’.

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