The penultimate episode of WAYWARD PINES last night achieved what the season up until now has been working towards in both literary terms and atmosphere. The novel ‘Animal Farm’ has been in my mind the entire season while watching this season and on last night’s episode the novel was used to perfection to push the point of the animal in man. Up until this point Jason has been a leader whose struggles have mirrored that of Hannibal from the aforementioned novel. The episode brings the similarities full throttle while laying the groundwork for the season finale.



The inhabitants of Wayward Pines have come to the point where their choices are face a brutal death at the hands of the Abbies or take a long cryogenic sleep for a few centuries. Not the best of options to choose from. The issue of also not having enough sleep chambers for the entire town also poses a problem of choosing those who are the best fit for the community and those who will simply be left to rot. Throughout this season the comparison of communal living in the lives of both the residents and the outsider Abbies has propelled the storyline and with Margaret now back with and in charge of the Abbies the season finale promises to leave only a precious few still standing in the wake.



What the internet will of course will be buzzing about is the major reveal that occurred in the final minutes of the episode. To once again take a page out of classic literature this twist is one that had this reviewer’s jaw on the floor. I’m not going to spoil the twist but I will say this is one that I did not see coming in the best sort of way. M. Night Shyamalan has really hit a stride with his producing role on the show and this final reveal proves that we as viewers can still be shaken when a reveal is done as masterfully as it’s executed here. The battle lines have been drawn for the season finale and I for one will be tuning in next week to see how the show wraps up what thus far has been a fantastic season.

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