Weekend Wrap Up: Four More Promos from “American Horror Story” Raise More Question than Answers (Typical)

These days, fewer things excite horror snobs and pop culture fanatics more than the latest news from the Ryan Murphy/Brad Falchuk-helmed “American Horror Story.” For AHS fans (that’s “American Horror Story” abbreviated for the cool kids out there) everywhere this weekend was a big one. Four, count ‘em, FOUR new promos for the sixth season of the horror television franchise dropped into our collective laps and, as to be expected, raised more questions than answers. The newest pieces of the puzzle bring the grand total to ten.

In regards to the sixth series – currently known as “?6”- John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions said, “With the sixth installment, ‘American Horror Story’ has unquestionably joined the ranks of television’s landmark series. From Murder House to Hotel, AHS has pioneered a new television form as well as becoming FX’s highest rated show – while also pushing every conceivable boundary of creative excellence and audacity. This is even more remarkable because Ryan and co-creator Brad Falchuk tear up the playbook every year, challenging the entire creative team to come up with something even more spectacular, frightful, and entertaining. You could not ask for more of an artist, their team, of a series with every new installment they deliver.”

“American Horror Story”, while being incredibly popular, remains to be a show that many are divided on. It seems as though folks either love it or hate it; and those that love it usually have specific seasons they favor over others (For me personally, Murder House and Asylum were by far the most successful despite every season having a few great “Oh my god” moments).

Regardless, what clues we’ve received so far about “American Horror Story” season six definitely look promising. From what we’ve come to understand though, is that there’s a catch.

According to an article published last week by Vulture, a fan theory originally shared on Reddit has been confirmed to be true by the producers. Only one of the promos, stills, and leads they’ve released to the public are actually representative of what’s coming this season. From nods to THE HILLS HAVE EYES and references to the Lost Colony of Roanoke – the possibilities are still pretty vague; anything is to be expected.

However, even with the so called “false flags” – the promos themselves are pretty damn cool.

Check the newest teasers out at the bottom of the page here and tell us what direction you think this season will go in the comments or on Facebook. Let’s get a dialogue going here; fan speculation is the best speculation.

As always, we’ll continue to provide new information on “American Horror Story” season six as it becomes available.

Until then, we’ll be watching that tractor beam back break on repeat; because how gnarly is that?!

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