Ride with Norman Reedus

AMC Chose to RIDE with Norman Reedus for a SECOND SEASON

Break the button off the handle, CB here with a MAJOR update!  ‘RIDE’ renewed?  Yes, it is true good buddies!  No smokies on our tails, lights green, bring on the machine!

You do not have to be a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ to fall in love with this show, it is not a spin off.  This is NOT Daryl Dixon riding around the country with his angel wings leaving folks in the dust.  This is a man with a passion for travel, motorcycles, food and local culture.  AMC has announced the renewal of ‘Ride’ with Norman Reedus coming in 2017, and fans could not be more ecstatic! 

‘Ride’ has something for everyone.  Do you enjoy learning about bikes, mechanisms and whatchacallits and their history?  ‘Ride’ has it.  Do you enjoy watching television shows that focus on traveling to new places from the comfort of home?  ‘Ride’ has it.  Do you love food?  Well, that was just a stupid question…who doesn’t? ‘Ride’ covers local eateries as well.  Most importantly, Reedus embraces the local culture of each new adventure. ‘Ride’ is the superfecta of awesome.  Not only does he focus on the backstory of bikes, he hits up local legends in all four areas aforementioned in every episode.   

According to AMC, Reedus has been quoted as saying, “The reaction to Ride has been incredibly positive. I am glad to be able to show audiences a different side of me and we have gotten a great response to the candid conversation and the fact that it’s obviously not scripted.  I feel like we are just getting started and there are so many amazing places we have yet to go — the opportunities for the show are endless.

If you tuned in to the first season like CB encouraged you to, you would have seen Norman up to his ass in swamp water(no pun intended)collecting crawfish, racing in porta-potties and completing a ritual with a voodoo priestess.  If you missed all of this, count yourself lucky that the power of technology will allow you to fix the error of your ways!  Season one will be available on amc.com as of October 16.  If you did not adhere to CB’s advice the first time, catch up and then tune in for season two!

‘Ride’ is definitely a trip you want to take! 




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