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Horror video games are not for the faint of heart, but if you may get yourself to tolerate some of the mild ones, the titles listed below are a big no-no if you’re not prepared to scream in terror and get the adventure of a lifetime!

As one who loves a taste of the horror genre, I would like to share with my fellow horror aficionados, some of the most gruesome games I manage to play without running for the hills.

Silent Hill 2


Speaking of hills, Silent Hill is one of the most gut-wrecking horror movies I have ever seen. Hence, why my excitement levels went through the roof when I learned that Konami was working on a video game version.

Just like the movies, the game is a survival horror story, where the protagonists must escape alive from a haunted city. The second installment of the game doesn’t require you to play the first to understand the story because they’re only remotely connected. So, if you enjoy the thrilling action that will keep your breath cut and heart pumping, try it!

Of course, you’ll meet with Pyramid Head, but there are others you may recognize from the cinema version. However, I must warn you: this is not about cheap scares and undead beings shuffling around! Silent Hill 2 is a psychological game that will place you face-to-face with the most depraved thoughts a man could muster; it will dig deep in your own subconscious and it will bring to light some of your most hidden secrets (that maybe even you didn’t know about). With Silent Hill, the monsters are not in the game; they are inside your soul!

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is more a game of the unexpected since your job is to guide the character through poorly lighted rooms and make sure he gets out of the monster-infested building alive and sane. The trick is that there is no other way of fighting these creatures of darkness except staying in the light. And monsters just love hunting you down and popping up unexpectedly from every nook and cranny!

If you think this isn’t scary enough, I dare you to play the game with headphones on and lights out. But be warned: many manly men have failed to keep their calm and composure once they were transcended into the world built in Amnesia! Now, there’s no shame in admitting this game is a bit too much for your nerves! Even more, I will applaud your decision and provide an alternatives: zombie games. This game is also based on unexpected situations and fast-decision making, but it’s more exciting and less scary.


Yes, it starts in a school where several students get trapped after-hours, but it’s a lot more than just a movie with teenagers and ghosts! The game takes place during the White Terror in Taiwan, also known as the martial law even that took place in the 1960s.

As a traditional horror movie, Detention draws on historic atrocities and anxieties and teaches the gamers about dark times in world history. Someway, while the horror action happens in the game, you will be horrified by our own capacity to inflict pain and suffering on other human beings.

So, if the game starts to feel too real, I won’t blame you – it’s not about fictional monsters with hellish figures; it’s about us and real events that threw a dark shadow on our own species. To cheer you up, I recommend some innocent bloody shooters (much like Krunker.io) you can play with friends.

Resident Evil 4

This one’s a bit less psychological and a lot more based on monsters and ghosts. Your task is simple: kill and don’t let others kill you! You have weapons and a good chance at survival if you’re squeamish about mowing over several of these hellish creatures.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn
We all know that movie, where teenagers go to a party to an isolated cabin in the woods and end up killed by mysterious creatures. But when it comes to the gaming industry, Until Dawn is the only one who took the topic seriously.

The deaths are gruesome, and the logic is a bit more difficult to understand, which means more members of your team will die horrifically. Also, the game is out to get you (as in, scare you) so you have to be prepared for the unexpected.

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