Image: 505 Games

505 Games, publisher of the award-winning smash multiplayer game Dead by Daylight, has teamed up with developer Behaviour Interactive to release an exclusive physical edition of the game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, just in time for Christmas.

The new “Nightmare Edition” contains the original version of the game, but with “tons of blood-curdling new content.” Those features include the circus-themed “Curtain Call” chapter, the ghostly “Shattered Bloodline” chapter and a new chapter devoted to the hit show Stranger Things, featuring series characters Steve, Nancy and the deadly Demogorgon itself.

Additional features include the “Headcase Cosmetic Pack,” offering players a variety of trendy hairstyles and accessories to style their favorite survivor. Add-Ons include “The 80s Suitcase,” “The Bloodstained Sack,” “Of Flesh and Mud” and “The Spark of Madness.”

The entire bundle will retail for $39.99, and is slated to hit stores on December 10. For more info, check out 505 Games’ official site.

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