The upcoming Nintendo Switch console is coming out soon and we finally have some details. The Nintendo Switch is a home console/handheld that can easily switch from a home gaming system into a powerful handheld.

This unique design is exactly why Nintendo seems to keep its loyal fan base. Instead of going the typical current gen route, Nintendo has decided to do something completely out of the box and out of the house! This kind of thinking lead to the successful Wii and 3Ds but it also led to the failing Wii U. Most people suspect that the success of the Nintendo Switch all depends on the cost and the games. We now have some official answers about the upcoming system.

First off the Nintendo Switch arrives worldwide on March 3rd, 2017. With the ongoing Classic NES shortage fans are hoping that stores will get enough consoles to keep up with the demand. The price point has been set at $299.99 which seems reasonable for a new system launch. This is an even better deal when you consider how versatile the Switch can be. This fair pricing kind of goes away though when you start looking into the accessories. The standard controller is $69.99 which is high even compared to other current gen controllers. Extra Joy-Con controllers are going to run you $79.99 for the set. Perhaps you want to extend your gaming to multiple rooms by adding another docking station? It’s great that this is an option but it will run you $89.99. Nintendo fans will also have to get used to the fact that online services are no longer free. The pricing for online services hasn’t been announced yet. These prices may make some fans wait before pulling the trigger on the Nintendo Switch on launch day.

To me, the most important factor in getting a new console would have to be the selection of games. I am not particularly wowed at the quantity of games coming out for the Nintendo Switch so far. I do have to say that the quality of the 11 titles shown is very promising. Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild looks like a perfect 1st party launch title that will show off what the console can do. The vast world and the amazing art direction make this one look like a no-brainer for a day one purchase.

This wouldn’t be a Nintendo console without everyone’s favorite plumber Mario and he is back once again with Super Mario Odyssey. This looks like a return to the Super Mario 64/Super Mario Galaxy style of gameplay with a unique realistic hub area. It looks like a weird mashup of Mario and Grand Theft Auto and I honestly can’t wait to check it out. Sequels to Splatoon and Xenoblade Chronicles are on the way along with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. A remastered Skyrim port is also expected and has been featured heavily in the advertising. This is leading people to believe that the Switch may have a lot more 3rd party support than the Wii or the Wii U ever did. This is a pretty exciting lineup of games but the main concern is most of these will not be released until much later in the year.

It seems like the launch titles will be very limited. It seems like early adopters of the Nintendo Switch will need to be patient with the system. I am still on the fence but I am really excited to see how the console works. The design seems pretty genius and the ability to effortlessly switch between television and mobile gaming is incredible. The prices of the accessories and the currently small selection of games are keeping this from being a day one purchase for me. I do suggest if you want to be an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch you should preorder immediately because they will most likely be hard to find on March 3rd.



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