Telltale games just announced that the first episode of their acclaimed THE WALKING DEAD series will be released on December 30th.  The new season, titled A NEW FRONTIER will be the third part of Clementine’s incredible journey. Clementine has grown to be a beloved fan favorite in the fictional world of the undead. The new season will also feature a new main character named Javier. This season will follow the successful first two full seasons along with the spin offs 400 DAYS and the MICHONNE miniseries.


The first season of the Telltale WALKING DEAD game was one of the most intense and heart wrenching games I have ever played. The second season definitely had its strong moments as well. I personally prefer the characters and story telling in the Telltale series over the TV show. If you haven’t checked out the previous seasons of this “choose your own adventure” saga you should be able to find them at a good price now.


THE WALKNG DEAD: NEW FRONTIER episode 1 drops December 20th and will be $4.99; the Season Pass will be $24.99. If you would rather own the physical copy a season pass disc will be available on February 7th 2017.



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