We don’t even need to explain why Animal Crossing has become the most popular game app during the COVID-19 Quarantine — because chances are pretty good you’re already playing one of its many variations yourself. But some creative types with a lot of spare time on their hands have been busily hacking the game in ways the designers probably never imagined — and some of these creatives are horror fans.

One of these fans is a YouTuber with the well-fitting handle of Evil Imp, who expended a huge amount of time and effort for a mock trailer that depicts the game as an upcoming horror movie, in which (per the YouTube description) “A young woman escapes to her dream island. But what begins as a perfect paradise quickly spirals into an endless nightmare.”

In a similar mode to the mock trailers for Mary Poppins (depicting the title character as a supernatural serial killer) and E.T. (who is retro-fitted as a sinister alien invader), this subversive artist has transformed the sickly-sweet universe of Animal Crossing into the stuff of cinematic nightmares — and the resulting video has caught fire on social media, picking up coverage from multiple news outlets, and undoubtedly leading some bored studio VP to consider a Banana Splits-style horror crossover.

See for yourself:

Evil Imp has also posted a hilarious “Behind the Scenes” video about the making of the trailer, in which three of “the hottest stars in Hollywood” — a villager who goes by the name “Good Actress,” alongside Sherb the Goat and Pietro the Clown — tell an off-camera reporter about the challenges of shooting the fictional movie:

If you love the concept of Animal Crossing as the terrifying tale of a girl trapped on an island with demons, skeletons, sorcery, killer clowns and other evil agents, then be sure to check out some of Evil Imp’s other efforts, like this exploration of Purgatory: Horror Island, where characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons go when they die:

There’s more where these came from — and you can find them at Evil Imp’s YouTube Channel.

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