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Top 10 Scariest Creatures in Video Games

The horror genre comes with some pretty creative stories and developers don’t really limit their imagination when it comes to creating monsters that will send you yelping to your mommy. Still, you need to be really good to create a story that’s truly scary, and the secret ingredient is represented by the most horrible creatures ever imagined by a human mind.

Below I listed some of the best creations in video games history, so if you’re curious, take a look at my top 10 scariest creatures in video games.

#1: Witches

Witches - Video Games

The idea of an evil woman, with supernatural powers, who only seeks to create havoc and torture de innocent is not new. Actually, if you take a look at humanity’s history, you’ll find this character quite often.

Nowadays, the witch is only credible in horror movies and video games, and many developers and creators did a fantastic job in making it one of the scariest creatures of the genre. One good example is the Witch in Left 4 Dead.

#2: Marine Monsters

We don’t know much about the mysteries that lie at the bottom of the ocean, and given that what we don’t know scares us, myths like the Loch Ness Monster and the Kraken showed up. Luckily, nowadays we know a bit more (provided not enough), but the scary creatures remained.

So, you will encounter some weird marine monsters if you play games such as Half-Life (headcreabs), Resident Evil 2 (Huge alligators), or Gears of War (the Leviathan).

#3: Ghosts

Yes, ghosts in today’s entertainment are also inspired by reality and you can find them in most horror movies and games. These take various shapes as many can possess objects and even living creatures, which further increase their scary nature.

Games like Dark Souls or Fatal Frame 2 (the woman with the broken neck) feature abominable looking creatures, with unnaturally contorted limbs and body parts that send fear galloping on your spine and freeze your soul.

#4: Aliens

Aliens are extraterrestrial creatures, and in video games, they are usually trying to eradicate the human race by hunting us down for food or fun. Of course, their aspect is hideous and they are bigger, stronger, and a lot more knowledgeable than us. So, it’s normal to feel threatened by them!

Games like ‘Dead Space 2’ (the crawlers) or ‘Alien: Isolation’ give us a pretty good scare with fantastic creatures that are either infected by aliens or are completely out of this world.

#5: Out of Control Robots

I think there’s nothing scarier than Artificial Intelligence that’s out of our control! Can you imagine trying to fight off a life form that knows all our weaknesses and preys on them?

A cool game that’s both scary and accessible is Five Nights at Freddy’s – a browser app that you can play anywhere you want, for free.

#6: Humanoids

Not quite human and definitely not zombies, these creatures are usually infected by a dangerous agent and slowly turn into monsters. They are terrifying because you see what could happen to your character should they become infected and it’s difficult to kill them because they are still human at the core.

Games like Amnesia: The Dark Descent (the gatherers) or The Last of Us (the clickers) feature these types of creatures and give them a horrific aspect to make sure you’ll get the thrill you’re looking for.

#7: Un-killable Monsters

When you play a horror game, you expect to find all sorts of abominable monsters, but you don’t expect them to regenerate and chase you even without a head! Creatures that regenerate after you thought you’d killed them are among the scariest things in today’s collection of video games because it takes a lot of work to actually destroy them.

The best example I can give here is the regenerators from Resident Evil 4.

#8: Zombies

Video Game Zombies
Well, I could not forget about zombies, right? They are present in games, movies, books, and some people actually fear the possibility of a zombie apocalypse.

But in video games, they’re not all green and moving slowly; some are quite agile and smart so you have to be ready for surprises. Not to mention the level of disfiguration is taken to the extreme to make you freeze in horror at the very sight of it.

If you’re looking for something lighter, I recommend trying online zombie games. These are also free and easily accessible regardless of device.

Top 10 Zombie Video Games in 2018

#9: Pyramid Head

Pyramid Head

The well-known monster that shows up in the Silent Hill series deserves a special nomination since it is a very special creature. The big hat and the huge sword are enough to make you want to run for the hills, but its relentless nature will definitely give you a great horror experience.

#10: Tormented Souls

These are not ghosts per se as they tend to have a body and seek the one who killed them. Of course, they will see their killer in every living being that crosses their path and their appearance is definitely not from this world!

The best example for this category is in Silent Hill 4: The Room, where your character is chased by the twin victim. Overall, not a pleasant experience, but definitely a scary one!

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