Pennywise Glow Sand Art - Dino Tomic

Behold Pennywise Glowing Sand Art By Dino Tomic

This has definitely been a good year for Stephen King and his most successful film this year has been ‘IT’. Whether you were a fan of the original TV movie version or the feature film that came out, Pennywise the Clown has stuck with you or your nightmares depending on your love of the character. Artist Dino Tomic is just like you. He’ll never forget the impression the twisted clown made on him and he has decided to share it in art. It’s never what you see on the surface that matters. It’s what’s inside. Check out the video of glowing Pennywise sand art!

Pennywise Glowing Sand Art ( revealed ending )

I love how Tim Curry struck the fear in our hearts back when the first IT movie came out – the movie cheeped me out throughout my whole childhood , and now Bill Skarsgård will hopefully do the same with this generation ? Great performance and great movies – so here is my artwork honoring both of them ?

I have been working on this one after working hours late at the night since 99% of my time goes to the large project im working on atm ?

i also got to test out the lamps from @glamcorofficial to light up the work , they work like a charm ?

Nice work Dino! IT is awesome!

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