Bioshock: The Collection

Remasters and remakes are nothing new but “Bioshock: The Collection” might be my favorite one yet. Remasters are typically a great way to experience a game you may have missed on a previous generation. I personally love that these remasters preserve classic games that may not hold up as well compared to modern gaming standards. The downside of this growing trend is the questionable value. Is it really worth rebuying games you have played countless times, just for the updated graphics? In a lot of cases that argument is hard to make, especially when you already own the games. The good news is this collection has so much content it is hard to argue with its 59.99 price tag.


Bioshock 1 and 2 are both included on a single disc that provides a stunning revisit to the underwater city of Rapture. The first “Bioshock” is one of my favorite games of all time and graphically the game has never looked better. The issues I had with having to switch between plasmids and weapons are still there, but everything looks absolutely gorgeous. “Bioshock” is almost 10 years old now and at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution it holds up better than several current gen titles I own. The game also features very interesting director’s commentary hidden throughout the game, but I do not suggest this on a first time play through. The commentary is really interesting but the first one I found literally spoiled the ending right off the bat. “Bioshock 2” holds up very well, but like most gamers it is my least favorite in the trilogy. That being said the fact that it is bundled with the fantastic single player DLC Minerva’s Den, makes “Bioshock 2” welcome asset to this collection.


“Bioshock: Infinite” is included on a separate disc and the city of Columbia has never looked better. In my mind Infinite was always a highlight of the series. The memorable characters and the intriguing story made Infinite an unforgettable adventure, and I was thrilled to return. The city in the clouds is just as impressive as you remember and the game runs incredibly smooth. “Bioshock: Infinite” also includes all story-based DLC which once again made this collection a no brainer for me. “Bioshock: The Collection” is out now on PS4 and Xbox one. I highly suggest it to anyone who missed out on this fantastic series the first time. I also suggest picking it up if you just want to experience the wonders of Rapture and Columbia with stunning updated graphics!

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Bioshock: The Collection


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