Dead by Daylight

The highly praised PC multiplayer horror game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT is making its way to consoles this summer. In the game one player takes on the role of a killer in a first person hunt to torture and kill survivors. His main focus will be stalking prey, killing them and finally hanging them on a meat hook.

In DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, the slashers will range from vicious killing machines to paranormal entities. The other four players will be in a third person view trying to sneak, hide and survive. The potential victims can choose to work together or selfishly look out for themselves.

I have not played DEAD BY DAYLIGHT but I have heard it is a very intense horror experience that I am eager to check it out. The aspect that interests me most is the procedurally generated levels. I think this will add an exciting and unpredictable element to the game. It will also prevent people from having an advantage on certain maps they are more familiar with. The game also boasts plenty of unlockable content and upgrades as you progress. I think this game has potential to be a great deal at around $25 bucks from most retailers.

Much like the upcoming FRIDAY THE 13th game I would like to see an offline story mode. FRIDAY THE 13th will be getting one through DLC and hopefully DEAD BY DAYLIGHT will as well. If there is no offline content I worry that the game will wind up like EVOLVE, a multiplayer alien hunting game that was exciting for about a week. The good news is at the current price it could potentially be a slasher fans dream that won’t break the bank or leave gamers feeling cheated.

“Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game in which one crazed killer hunts four friends through a terrifying nightmare. Players take on the role of both killer and survivors in a deadly game of cat and mouse. It’s a Mature Gamer take on the thrills of Hide & Seek.”


DEAD BY DAYLIGHT will be released on PS4 and Xbox One June 20th, 2017

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