All The Devils Are Here - Horror Movie

‘All The Devils Are Here’ Is A Throwback To 80’s Creature Features

At Terror Time we see a lot of Indie film submissions. Most are not that impressive. Time, Budget or a lack of experience are usually the culprits that hold a film back from being above average. But sometimes a filmmaker can find a voice that makes a film stand out regardless of pitfalls of indie film. Sometimes they are just plain horror fun. All The Devil’s Are Here nailed some of those elements to make this film worth a late night guilty pleasure.

From the twisted mind that brought you the award winning short film “Roid Rage,” comes an original creature-feature that is sure to get pulses racing in the horror community – All the Devils Are Here! Bahamian filmmaker Ryan Lightbourn has recently debuted this film festival hit on a wide range of digital outlets.

All the Devils Are Here (formerly titled Sleepwalkers) tells the story of five college students as they attempt to enjoy a debaucherous spring break getaway. As a series of horrific events surfaces, the group joins forces with a local convenience store owner and a prison escapee. With nighttime approaching, they must set aside their differences and use their wits to survive in this synth-fueled love-letter to 80’s & early 90’s B-movies.

The film can currently be found on most VOD platforms. Platforms include:  iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, VUDU, Sony Playstation, XBox Live and many others. The latest trailer is also available, along with the film’s official movie poster. Indie fans can see this horrifying creature feature, right now – on their favorite VOD platform!

All The Devils Are Here

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