The Walking Dead

Eugene is with The Saviors! THE WALKING DEAD’s monotone, brainiac with his Tennessee Tophat swag is now Negan’s! And is he just putting on an Oscar-worthy performance or simply being gifted pickles seems to be the payoff provoking a team change.

Who would have imagined that something as significant as Daryl’s escape would take a backseat to Eugene and his arrival to The Savoirs sanctuary? Ok, so maybe not so much a “backseat” per se because Dwight is VERY affected by it. Mentally and physically because Negan ordered punishment. Just a little fist-to-face reminder one should not loose a prisoner. Especially when it’s Daryl Dixon.

***Light on spoilers so continue at your own risk***

It is quickly assessed who is responsible for helping Daryl escape. As a result, Dwight is ordered to find the saboteur. Negan is unaware of certain details. Dwight looks to be attempting to control “the hunt.” What love does to some folks.

Eugene is unmasked and he takes in his first looks at The Saviors sanctuary.

Eugene trembles in fear when in the presence of Negan. Negan is a pyschological abuser. It is very apparent he finds great satisfaction making sure Lucille invades his personal space every opportunity he gets. And when tested to verify if he is not just an asshole, Eugene drops his problem-solving skills on Negan- “If that ain’t the coolest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Not only is that practical it is just bad ass. Look at you Dr. Smarty Pants.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Josh McDermitt as Dr. Eugene Porter – The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 11 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

As Eugene is taken to his new digs, he smiles. WHY DID EUGENE SMILE? Is it because there is a plan falling into place? Is he trying to infiltrate the sanctuary be the “inside man” for Rick or are we meeting the real Eugene? His unique social skills do historically show us he is a target for abundant teasing and minimal respect. Is Eugene seduced by the power? We will certainly see and what a great direction for this character.

Just when we thought we would never hear “Easy Street” again, Dr. Smarty Pants keeps it on and nods his head to the beat. One man’s torture is another man’s enjoyment. And the intense subtle references to “haircut,” would lead on to believe that the days of the notorious mullet may be in its last days? Business in the front and party in the back may be headed to the past. What did it for us was Negan tapping “Shave and a Haircut” on Eugens door. We couldn’t have been the only ones who immediately thought of ROGER RABBIT. Seriously.

Negan enters and told the good doctor “You do not need to be scared anymore. You don’t need to be scared. You just have to answer me one question, and it’s a big one. Who are…” And Eugene responds “I am Negan. I’m utterly, completely stone-cold Negan. I was Negan before I even met you, I just needed to meetcha properly, to know. I’m Negan.”

Now we see doc giving orders and even engages in an odd exchange with Dwight. Who is returning from his saboteur hunt, leaving a 6-pack and pretzels for Sherry (yep) framing the original doctor at the sanctuary which resulted in a half bake of the man.

And if you haven’t seen this, you really need to. It’s kinda bad ass (that was on purpose) So not spoil, we toyed with the exposure just to wet your intrigue. Or get it fired up.

And the last words from our two mystery men is … WE ARE NEGAN.

Here is a sneak peek of next week’s episode:

And if you would like to indulge in a little BEHIND-THE-SCENES action from episode 11, we are happy to provide

And we have more:

(SPOILERS) Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 11

And one more! The cast and creators on how Eugene is adapting to life under Negan, plus why Daryl’s escape causes a turning point for Dwight and Sherry.



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