All of seventeen years after the release of the found footage film that changed movie making as we knew it, THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, audiences couldn’t be more excited with this week’s release of the exceedingly long time coming sequel, ‘BLAIR WITCH’.

And there’s no blaming everyone for all this fervor, what with such a cloak and dagger marketing approach having been adopted – a decision made to provide, as writer Simon Barrett explains, “something cool and something outside the box in terms of marketing to get people excited about it, the same way they were shown the first film.”

Although many of us will just have to try to somehow endure until Friday to finally catch the film, those lucky enough to have attended a special Midnight Madness screening at Toronto International Film Festival this past weekend will most likely still have great big grins on their mugs.

Luckily, for those that weren’t able to get to the special event, we’ve managed to get our hands on some found footage discovered after the shenanigans that went down on the red carpet. Feast your eyes on this:

And you can read our review in full right about here.

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