If you were lucky enough to pre-order the PlayStation VR in time you are probably getting pretty hyped right about now. On October 13th we will finally be able to see if our $500 investments were actually worth it. Aside from the initial headset and bundle, the most exciting thing about PlayStation VR would have to be the games. This list contains the games that I am most excited about that are dropping close to the PlayStation VR launch date. 

Batman: Arkham VR

This has to be the most exciting VR title that has been announced.  You get to be Batman, is there really anything else you need to know? The Arkham series has been pretty fantastic all around and from the early reviews suggest this title is going to be amazing.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

I am a little skeptical of this one… “Until Dawn” was an amazing interactive cinematic horror experience and this is an on rails shooter. That being said the gameplay looks really fun and the atmosphere looks fantastically spooky. I don’t think there is any reason to throw the Until Dawn name on this title, but I don’t work in marketing so what do I know?

Werewolves Within

A fun looking game of deception and cunning. It seems to play out like a board game where you determine who within the inner circle is a werewolf. This one may not be as fun if you do not have friends who also have PlayStation VR. From the looks of it “Werewolves Within” would make for a fantastic party game.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you have ever wanted to work on the bridge of a Starfleet vessel now is your chance. This game requires a team to perform their jobs with precision to complete the mission at hand.

“Star Trek: Bridge Crew” will be available on PlayStation VR November 29th

Playstation VR Worlds

If you preordered the VR bundle you will be getting this one when you pick up the system. This will be a showcase of what exactly the PlayStation VR has to offer. This game includes five different virtual reality experiences that range from underwater exploration to being part of a huge jewel heist. This one looks like several hours of fun.

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