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It’s ‘A HOLLISTON HALLOWEEN’ – 19th Annual Halloween Short Is Here

For years one thing horror fans can count on is a new Halloween short film from the group at ArieScope. Adam Green, Joe Lynch and the gang at ArieScope who bring horror fans many awesome projects from the Holliston and Scary Sleepover series make a killer short film every year to celebrate Halloween. Today they deliver this new gift to us.Β The cast of HOLLISTON finds themselves in a scary situation when a rehearsal goes horribly wrong.

ArieScope’s 19th annual Halloween short film stars Adam Green, Joe Lynch, Laura Ortiz, Corri English, and more of your favorites from the TV series. Watch all 19 years of ArieScope’s annual Halloween short films at www.ArieScope.com and subscribe to our channel here for more!

Check out the new ‘Victor Crowley’ teaser

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